Desiree Perez Takes Tidal to New Heights

Now the Spring customers can enjoy exclusive content being streamed for them by Tidal. Desiree Perez and the entire Tidal family is highly excited about this.

Music streaming is a service that means millions of dollars worth of business. Now Tidal has always been the underdog in this industry. Executive Desiree Perez has decided to do something about it. She is not going to lie low and let things remain as they are. In fact, she is desperate and ensuring that things change for Tidal as soon as can be. After all, she wants Tidal to be a big brand name very soon. She wants it to be a sustainable company that is around for a pretty long time.

It is not a hidden fact that the management of Tidal has changed many times. This is because executives keep on stepping down. The simple reason behind this is that the company is not doing well and hence the executives are more than willing to move on. But Desiree Perez is made of a different mettle. Rather than move on, she has decided to make things happen here at Tidal. Perhaps this is why founder Jay-Z roped her in. After all, even he never gave up even though the membership was not promising enough and the management kept on moving out. Jay-Z has always been trying to shift to some other plan in order to save his investment.  See also

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Do note that Jay-Z is not on survival mode any more. He is taking the assistance of Desiree Perez in order to see Tidal thrive, hop over to this, for more of the subject. This is happening with new memberships pouring in. There is a lot of curiosity among the music fans, and Desiree Perez is responsible for fanning this desire. She knows that she has to bring customers in. For this, she has to get these customers interested.  Follow Dez on her page.

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