Desiree Perez Brings Tidal App to Light

Jay-Z is seeing new success with his streaming music app, Tidal. This new success can be directly attributed to his brilliant thought of bringing Desiree Perez on board.

The industry of streaming music is a multi-million dollar industry. However, Tidal has seen little success so far, and many executives have stepped down because of this lack of success.

After bringing on Desiree Perez, a new customer base has taken interest in the new streaming app and Perez’s plans are to take the world by storm, even though it is a newer app. Perez has brought a new management approach, and her success in marketing, business, and previous managerial experience has proven to be the right decision.

Tidal has turned itself around, and is now entering the world of successful, thriving businesses. The interest that Perez is bringing in appears to be centered around drawing genuine interest in the app itself. The curiosity brings in new customers, but the quality of the service is what keeps them interested.

Perez owns her own business, and is credited with successfully marketing for many major singers over the years. She has decided to take time out of her own business in order to make Tidal streaming music a success. In comparison to the traffic the app was getting before she began, the app is becoming a great success. For more, follow her on her page.

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Even though Perez is working hard to make this app a success, it is rumored that Jay-Z is willing to take corporate offers from those willing to purchase the app. Until Perez came on board, the app was financially draining. Since it does not have the amazing financial resources that its competitors enjoy, it may be a long time before Jay-Z sees a financial return on his investment.  Check this on

Even though there is a consideration in selling rights to the app, Jay-Z will clearly keep Perez working on the app, in hopes that it becomes a massive success soon.   See also

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