“Deflategate” Casts Dark Shadow Over Patriots 2015 Entry To the Superbowl


Even if sports, or football in particular, is not your thing there is absolutely no avoiding all of they hype surrounding the Superbowl. There is a dark cloud hanging over one of the two competing teams. The New England Patriots have been boldly accused of purposefully using deflated footballs during their last playoff game (which they obviously won. The controversy is so big that is has even been dubbed “deflategate”. Truly would partially deflated footballs turn the tide in favor of the Patriots? Seems hard to believe plus doesn’t the NFL have people checking the equipment to ensure that everything is game ready? According to Oliveira, Quarterback Tom Brady is offended by the allegations. Like another team with a significant win they want to enjoy it for awhile during preparations for the biggest showdown of the year. The entire debacle could have simply been a human mistake rather than a calculated attempt at victory. Surely on Sunday the balls will be checked twice, using the Santa method, so nobody’s integrity is called into question this Superbowl.

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