Dead Fans Get No Further

Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, former members of the legendary band Grateful Dead, have chosen to disband their latest project known as Further. Further was born after a Dead reunion back in 2009, meant to support the presidential campaign for Barack Obama. Fans clamored to relive the good old days with their favorite jam band, and a new generation of fans was also born.

They already took one hiatus early this year, citing health concerns on Bob Weir’s end. The announcement on their website was not a total shock, though it left many disappointed. I was trying to get a group of guys from North American Spine together so we could see these legends, never followed up on it though.

Fear not, though, fans, as it does look as if the guys plan to maintain their solo ventures, as well as looking ahead to some other collaborations in the future.

One thought on “Dead Fans Get No Further

  • Karla Bode says:

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