David Spade Gives Heartwarming Memory of Chris Farley

It has been quite a while now since the passing of the famous actor and Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Farley, and recently David Spade gave a heartwarming token of appreciation for the late actor and one of his dearest friends.

According to an article found on reddit and written by the Huffington Post, Spade keeps a poster of the duo’s famous movie “Tommyboy” which the two of them are well known for being in. The movie is coming up on its 20th anniversary and it has given David Spade a lot to reflect on.

Chris Farley was a very talented actor who had a tragic death that was not expected and very sudden, and it is always difficult to lose a celebrity that we can identify with and who makes us laugh on a day to day basis. The death of Farley was over a decade ago now but his spirit lives on in the films he was in and the episodes of the live comedy special. He is most well known for movies like Tommyboy and many of his characters from the live skit, as is David Spade.

Spade feels very lucky to have done Tommyboy with Farley and that they could share the good times from that movie, and looking at the poster is just making him feel old, apparently. He has done articles with AustinMDMagazine to talk about what he was inspired by. Stars like Christ Farley will live on forever with the fans like Dr Jennifer Walden who pay attention.


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