David McDonald Exemplifies OSI Group Resilience and Success

It is now over 100 years since OSI Group started and it is 30 years since David McDonald stepped his foot at the company as a junior employee.

Today, OSI is a multinational conglomerate that has over 65 operational plants. Their once staple product, meat, is now diversified. They are in India, China, Europe, and virtually in every continent.

As for David McDonald, he is the power man behind the wheels. He is the chief operating officer and the president in charge of over 20,000 global employees of the meat and food processor.

What a journey it has been!

David is a graduate of Iowa State University. He graduated with honors. Shortly after graduation, OSI Group picked him to join their new growth strategy. The company had just initiated contact with the McDonald, the globally renowned hamburger franchising company.

The relationship was blossoming quietly away from the public limelight. The company was acquiring strategic partners along the way with the hope of continuing its growth strategy. At the center of it all, there was Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and chair. He is still there. At the back of the screens, a shrewd operator was quietly rising to become who he is today.

As with OSI Industries, it was operating over 60 plants by 2016. Forbes ranked it among the top 100 private companies in America. It continues to feature in that esteemed list.

David McDonald has guided the company through the recent wave of growth. Notable acquisitions include Baho Foods, Tyson Foods, and Flagship Europe. These companies come at a time when OSI is positioning itself as the premier meat processor in the world.

This wave of growth comes with its fair share of challenges. In the global food industry, ethical supply chain and environmental stewardship top the list of must-haves. David is firmly in control of the situation. Under his guidance, he has streamlined all the company’s operations to ensure that everything goes on unhindered.

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