David Gietz Financial Guru!

(Recap) Veronica Dagher brought to you an in depth interview with the one and only David Gietz. Gietz is the president of the Nation wide Financial Company. He grew concerned when they took a survey asking people that were a mere 10 years from retirement and he was shocked to find out the results that showed him that most people claimed their financial advisors never even talked to them about Social Security. Gietz also states that Social Security is a very daunting topic because there is as many at 2,700 rules I’m the Social Security handbook alone. He also said that if Social Security is turned on too early the retirees can lose up to $300,000 dollars in the average of 35 years. That can be broken down to $12,000 dollars a year or even a more condensed pace of $1,000 dollars lost a month! Obviously that Social Security income is very important and needs to be optimized. This inter was brought to you by the Wall Street Journal, wealth advisors addition.

Mr. David Luther Giertz is a financial advisor that has been employed by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation with over 31 years of experience in his field and 4 exams passed. Mr. Giertz currently puts his decades of experience to work in Dublin, Ohio. Officially, Mr. Giertz is a registered broker through FINRA.

Brokers are sales personnel and their duties include buying and selling securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other investment related products. Whether in Dublin, Ohio or any other state across the USA, financial advisors are required to register in any state they conduct business. This holds true for Mr. Giertz’ as his experience and business acumen spreads far and wide across the states. As a financial advisor Mr. David Giertz is obligated to disclose any events which may affect his ability to advise or maintain professionalism.

Mr. Giertz maintains this well reflecting on his most recent filing submitted to FINRA where he had no reported disclosure events.

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