Dan Newlin Trains An Exceptional Legal Team

The future of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin depends on skilled attorneys like Dan Newlin to manage the firm’s legal operations.Known for cultivating substantial relationships with his clients and in the
community, this prominent entrepreneur hopes to inspire his
75-employee team with his well-proven principles. Essentially, under
his profound leadership, his company has recovered approximately $150
million for accident and injury victims which has led to their
prominent and commendable recognition as a Super Lawyer Law Firm.
Notably, less than 5 percent of all central Florida practicing
attorneys receive this prestigious acknowledgement. Remarkably,
Newlin’s law enforcement background in conjunction with his
exceptional legal training has greatly influenced his success as one
of America’s most powerful lawyers.

Raised in the Midwest, Newlin excelled in his elementary,intermediate, and high school studies and upon the completion of hisBachelor’s degree, he pursued law at the Florida State UniversityCollege of Law. Alongside his educational pursuits, he engaged in many
law enforcement positions at the police department, fire department,
and sheriff’s office. Notably, his early professional endeavors
encouraged one of his most prominent careers as a detective in the
Fugitive Division. During this position, he received many awards for
his skill in reprimanding hundreds of dangerous criminals as well as
enforcing narcotic control and theft arrests. Most prominently, his
success in law enforcement influenced the creation of the Law Offices
of Dan Newlin.

In 2001, this knowledgeable attorney launched Dan Newlin &Partners in Orlando, Florida.Commendably, the office quickly grewfrom a one secretary, small sized company to a boutique styled lawfirm specializing in a variety of legal practices such as wrongfuldeath, motorist accidents, personal injury, worker’s compensation, andmedical negligence. Throughout the years, Dan Newlin gradually trained
many recent law graduates who have all greatly contributed to his
growing team. Today, the Law Offices of Dan Newlin is recognized as
the leading law firm who proudly offers professional and personalized
legal services to the central and south Florida areas.

In 2014, Newlin announced his decision to expand his legal practicesinto central Illinois. In essence, the firm’s growth was facilitated
through the success of his practical training which were implemented
by his highly qualified team. Moreover, he hopes to employ his
legal experiences as well as the company’s extremely
effective business model to serve the injured Chicago residents.
Furthermore, Newlin and his staff strive to maximize their client’s
monetary recovery while simultaneously protecting their legal rights.
The Law Offices of Dan Newlin will proudly represent a reputable case
as the attorneys are dedicated to satisfying each customer’s unique
objectives and concerns. Call now for a free consultation.

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