Dan Newlin: The Great Florida Attorney

Dan Newlin is an attorney who started his career in law enforcement a tender age of 20 years. At such a young age, he was working for New Chicago, the Indiana Police Department and Fire Department.

Later, Newlin got a position to work with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which is situated in Orlando Florida. At this office, he served for a long period, approximately 10 years and. It is in that office that he earned the high rank of a Sheriff’s Detective.
While holding this position, Attorney Dan Newlin did a lot of work with the police department,, from narcotics enforcement to auto theft details. This earned him an assignment to work as a Detective in the Fugitive Division. In this department, Attorney Dan Newlin apprehended very many dangerous fugitives of the law. While working in this position, he received numerous awards. This is because he would go above and beyond what his job required him to. Mr. Newlin and was recognized for his great service to the nation by the United States Marshalls Office.

In the year 1997, this great Attorney, Dan Newlin was accepted in to a law school. He proudly went to the Florida State College of Law.He later graduated successfully in 2000. Attorney Dan Newlin is licensed to practice in both Illinois and Chicago. Newlin maintains his offices in these two cities. He is known for providing outstanding and the best legal services.

Attorney Dan Newlin has done a lot in his profession. He has recovered approximately over 150 Million Dollars, all from accident and injury victims .he has also grown from having just one secretary and in a tiny office, to a boutique styled modern law firm, which serves the whole of Florida and Illinois, providing top quality personalized legal services . He works with 18 more highly experienced attorneys. They are picked from the best of all. One of them is a retired Board Certified Surgeon, another one is a Former State Prosecutor. The team also has a Board Certified 30 year Trial Attorney. This great law firm has over 75 employees.

Attorney Dan, together with his experienced team of lawyers mainly focuses on personal injury,wrongful death, any medical negligence and recently, they have begun representing people who are wrongfully charged with criminal offenses. Attorney Dan Newlin and his team in the law firm pride themselves on always providing experienced first class legal representation and always committing to excellence.

For any individual who needs an attorney, Dan Newlin and his firm are qualified enough to handle any work. One advantage of seeking the firm services, apart from the experienced staff is that you will not even pay a single dime for consultation.

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