Dan Newlin And His Partners Are Seasoned Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents happen, and some of them can cause serious damage and injuries. Personal injury cases can develop from these accidents, and personal injury lawyers make sure the injured person is compensated for the damage caused by these frequent accidents. Personal injury lawyers make sure that the responsible party is held liable through a civil court proceeding or other means. Once the liable party is found guilty, they usually face a judgment that can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars.

Personal injury lawyers don’t always solve disputes in court. Most accident disputes are resolved through an informal settlement that is orchestrated by insurers and attorneys representing both parties. Once a monetary settlement is reached, both parties agree to forgo any further legal action. Sometimes these informal settlements don’t resolve the issue, so other procedures like mediation and arbitration are used before the case goes to court.

It’s important to know when to enter into an informal settlement, mediation, or a civil court case. Attorney Dan Newlin and his law partners have the experience to resolve accident disputes quickly. Newlin Law has the experience to know when to sue and when to settle. Plaintiffs have a limited time to file a lawsuit, so a good attorney plays an important role in a positive outcome. The “statute of limitations” vary from state to state, and these limitations vary depending on the injury. Dan Newlin can cut through the government red tape, and find the best way to get the maximum amount damages that pertain to each case.

Newlin Law has offices in Florida and Chicago. The lawyers in the Newlin Law office focus on car accidents, truck accidents wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, DUI accidents, Social Security disability, medical malpractice, birth injuries, work injuries, pharmacy malpractice and pedestrian accidents. New Law also handles other issues that fall under personal injury accidents.

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