Dan Bethelmy-Rada Is The Innovator Behind R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is recognized for being the youngest General Manager for L’Oreal across the entire corporation as part of the Professional Products Division. Dan has been with L’Oreal for near two decades now, and he took up his position as DMI General Manager at the start of 2015. Dan’s ability to innovate as well as his vast marketing experience were key factors in the decision to make him General Manager and he is currently overseeing the companies entire strategy for worldwide branding. As a leader, Dan is responsible for a large team to handle various digital strategies and the development of R.A.W.

A good leader needs to be able to make good decisions for the company, but it is also important to be a good team leader and builder. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has an excellent track record for training talented candidates to work with the L’Oreal corporation. HIs ambitious and determined behavior is represented of his own success as well as the success of the team members he is responsible for throughout the company.

Dan was born in Venezuela, but he has spent many years traveling around the world even as a kid, which allowed him to build perspective about what he wanted to do in life. While he was still a teenager, Dan was able to join a program to study abroad and learn about international relations as well as intercultural business opportunities. Dan wanted to find his opportunity, and after graduating in 2002 from the ESSEC Business School with a Master’s in Business Administration, he started working for the L’Oreal corporation. In just a single year, Dan Bethelmy-Rada moved up to a management position, and his talent and determination have brought him higher levels of success at the company over the years.

Social media has brought R.A.W. a lot of attention, especially through Instagram, which is why Dan is interested to see where social media marketing goes in the not too distant future. The money and sales that are driven through social media alone are staggering, which means the limits are endless for any company that can utilize the platform to market correctly to the appropriate audiences.

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