Crossfit With A Cop Event Brings Cops And Civilians Together

Police officers and civilians recently participated in the Crossfit With A Cop event in Bloomington, Indiana. The event was held at Hoosier Crossfit, which is located on 501 N. Rogers St on September 3, 2016. Steve Kellams is the captain of the Bloomington Police Department. He has stated that the purpose of the event is to help bring civilians and cops together and promote physical fitness.

Shaun and Jenna Tieman are the owners of Hoosier Crossfit. They started the business back in October 2010. When they first started the gym, they only had four gyms. Today, they have over 200 regular members.

Jenna stated that Hoosier Crossfit has several tenets, such as diligence, quality, community and accountability. Jenna and Shaun want people to walk out of the gym healthier than they were when they first came in. People are divided into small groups at Hoosier Fit. Cops and civilians were placed in the same groups during the Crossfit With A Cop event. They had the opportunity to interact with each other during the breaks.

Nate Koontz was one of the officers who participated in the event. He traveled from Ellettsville, Indiana. Both Steve and Nate had done crossfit before. However, there were people at the event who had never participated in crossfit. Mercedes Enrigue, who was one of the civilians who participated in the event, joined Hoosier Fit last year to improve her fitness. She stated that Crossfit with a Cop was a great idea because it brought the community together.

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