Colts Say Line Problems are Over

Over the past five years, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the hardest teams in the NFL to predict. In this time period, the Colts have had a moderate level of success behind the leadership of young quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck, who was the first overall pick out of Stanford about five years ago, has shown that he is one of the most talented young players in the league. At the same time, the offense has been led by a talented group of wide receivers and running backs.


While the team has had a lot of talent at the skilled positions, the Colts have still struggled to make the playoffs. Last years, the Colts finished in second place in the division, but once again failed to make it to the post season. One of the bigger weaknesses that the team has had was their offensive line. Over the past five years, Luck has been sacked more times than any other quarterback and the team has also struggled to open up running lanes. While the offensive line has been weak, the Colts are now stating that the team’s offensive line issues are fixed for the next season (


Head coach, Jim Irsay, has stated that the issues that plagued the offensive line last year have been worked on and have been fixed. This is a little bit surprising given the team has yet to meet for preseason practices, which is when most teams are able to evaluate young talent and determine the right lineup and schemes. Overall, the offensive line is expected to be very similar to the lineup that started the prior year. However, one of the biggest challenges that the team had last year were injuries. If the line is able to stay healthy during the long season, it should be able to build a cohesiveness that can help them to learn to play together better. This should help to open up the offense to score even more.


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