Colts Ready to Welcome Back Andrew Luck

The 2017 NFL Season was not a good one for the Indianapolis Colts. The team ended up finishing with a final record of four wins and 12 losses and finished tied for last place in the division. Furthermore, they saw divisional rival Jacksonville take a big step forward. While the Colts seem like they have fallen far behind their key competition, there is plenty of reason for optimism in the upcoming season.

One of the main reasons why the Colts struggled last year was due to the loss of Andrew Luck, who was out the entire season. During the year, the Colts struggled to gain any traction on the offensive side of the ball and ended up scoring around 16 points per game, which was among the worst in the league.

As the 2018 season approaches, it now appears that Luck could be around for the start of the season ( Several months ago there was fear that he could end up missing the start of this season, but he is already preparing to play in the preseason.

Once Luck is on the field, he should have an immediate impact on the team. When he has been on the field Luck has continued to look like one of the top quarterbacks in the league. This year, he will have further protection help from first round draft pick Quenton Nelson, who is out of Notre Dame. Nelson was highly regarded as one of the top players in the draft and is considered a great deal at the Colt’s pick.

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