Colts Hire Frank Reich

The Indianapolis Colt’s search for a new head coach to replace the recently fired Chuck Pagano has not come without its own set of drama. They thought they had the man for the job when they reached a verbal agreement with the Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. Unfortunately for Indy, he backed out on the deal at the last second, leaving the team scrambling for a solution before the offseason gets underway.

Just days ago, they announced that they have reached a deal with longtime NFL backup quarterback, Frank Reich. NFL fans may remember Reich for his tenure as Jim Kelly’s backup during the period when they dominated the AFC in the early 1990s, making four consecutive Super Bowls. It is interesting to note that his most recent position was as the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, who just beat McDaniel’s Patriots in the Super Bowl.

This could be a delicate situation for some. Knowing you were not a team’s first choice can’t be a great feeling. Reich has handled the situation well, though, even joking that he is used to being second banana thanks to his NFL career as a backup. While he wasn’t team owner Jim Irsay’s first choice, he was considered as a finalist for the position during interviews in December.

This could be a great match for the team overall. The Colts’ quarterback, Andrew Luck, has had injury issues over the last few seasons and Reich is well-known for his ability to develop quarterbacks. Most recently, he helped turn the Eagle’s first pick in the draft, Carson Wentz develop into an MVP-level player in just a couple years.

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