ClassDojo Is Bringing Teachers and Parents Together

Mindfulness techniques are really quite simple. All it takes is sitting in a chair and placing your feet flat on the ground as you sit with your hands in your lap. Then, concentrate on inhaling and exhaling through your nose. That’s it!

The purpose of the exercise described above is to help you relieve stress.

Mindfulness has been shown to help adults become balanced, relaxed and controlled in their lives, and they are hoping that the same thing can be true for our children.

Elementary schools have known their kids to “act out” on occasion because they are having difficulties on a particular day. Some people want to bring mindfulness into this environment so that the kids can learn to breathe and become focused again. On test days, the exercises would serve the purpose of relaxing students before they take their exams.

If we can teach young kids to identify their emotions and then regulate them, this could be very positive for their development, and it seems that parents and teachers are all on board. However, only 10 percent of parents enrolled their children in schools where mindfulness is encouraged.

ClassDojo is the entity that allows teachers to record positive and negative behaviors so that they can easily share them with parents.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded a company that was going to take the teaching profession by storm. The app that they eventually came up with was called “ClassDojo,” and it gives teachers a platform in which they can communicate with parents. It is now being used to lead classes in “Mindful Moments” and encourages everyone to practice mindfulness throughout the year.

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