CJ Spiller Has the Tools to Succeed in New Orleans

For any running back in the National Football League they really want three things to make them a better on the field. 1. A QB that can deliver passes and handoffs while leading his team with ice water in his veins. 2. An offensive line, that can pass protect and run block like five US Army Abrams M-1 tanks rolling over their opponents. 3. Wide receivers that will stretch a defense with their ability to catch the ball down the field. It would seem CJ Spiller is finally getting his wish with his new team the New Orleans Saints.

After signing a four year deal worth $16 million, Spiller understood what many free agent running backs in the league have forgotten…and that is “it is not always about the money!” Marc Sparks said that having a better situation to play in such as what was described earlier would make him a better running back worth keeping for longer than his contract is set for. It would also allow him to make his mark on the league that everyone wants to achieve from the first time they are drafted. This is how Emmitt Smith became the all-time rushing leader, 3-time Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, and Hall of Famer. It was not about the money for Emmitt, although he did make his fair share. It was more about the players that made him better that got him where he wanted to go.

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