Christopher Burch Investing in Wilderness

Recently Christopher Burch invested in a new real estate adventure. He changed a remote and uninhabited island, Sumba, into a five star resort named Nihi. This island was once just a simple surf spot for those that followed surfing like a cult, but it’s now a thriving resort that has recently been voted the #1 resort in the hotel world by Travel And Leisure Magazine. View for more.

This island is bit more than 4,0000 square miles. Its population is a mere 600,000 and its culture has remained untouched by the new age world. This leaves a very authentic and powerful culture and life and an undeveloped, unspoiled land. The island still holds it’s natural beauty, check out here at (

Christopher Burch learned about the island and it’s only resort in 2012 and was asked for help in expanding it. After visiting the island twice, Burch decided to buy the resort, and began major upgrades to it. Chris has called the hotel the “edge of wilderness” and made sure the design of the hotel was as low impact as possible to keep the natural beauty of the island intact. He also staffs the hotel with mainly locals to help the community and keep the natural feel of the resort intact.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Beyond this island adventure, he is an investor in many different kinds of business that fall into a wide rang of categories and industries. He also is the co-founder of the fashion brand Tory Burch. Burch has made the companies philosophy and culture to be about expressing the entrepreneurial values and always finding new opportunities, go to  He is all about imagination, creativity, and support. He wants to make a lasting impact on his customer’s lives. He has helped 50+ companies grow and succeed with his entrepreneurial skills.


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