Celtics Buzzer Beater


The Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association are a team that has struggled mightily this season, especially after they made the tough decision to trade Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks in a move that completely erased the championship team that they fought so hard to build a handful of years ago. That was a great era, but the Celtics decided that they needed to clear house and start from scratch, and they will get to do that next year due to some high draft picks that they have acquired coupled with their low amount of wins this season. They have not won hardly any games since Rondo took off to Texas, but they got a big win last night in the final seconds of a game against the Portland Trail Blazers, which also saw superstar LaMarcus Aldridge leave the game with a thumb injury. The Celtics were down by two points and had the ball in the final seconds of the game and made a truly terrible play when Jared Sullinger fell down on the ground in the paint. He then laid out for the ball and managed to reel it back in and huck it over to Evan Turner in the corner. It turned out to be a good play after all, as he pulled up and took the shot and buried it, leaving two seconds on the game clock and icing the game. Fulminense.com says that fans of the Celtics are hurting but are looking forward to a strong return next season. Business owners like Zeca Oliveira hope the Celtics can bring the trophy back to bean town.

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