Celebrity Attendance at Market America Convention 2017 Creates Memorable Moment for 25 Year History

The Market America Convention 2017 celebrated some of the most-extraordinary accomplishments of the past 25 years. It was a star-studded event with some well-known celebrities in attendance, including NBA champion Scottie Pippen, actor-comedian Jamie Foxx, singer and song-writer Alicia Keys along with her husband and producer Swizz Beatz. The celebrities were there to support and recognize the company’s outstanding accomplishments for almost three decades, and the 23,000 independent partners who attended the convention in Greensboro, North Carolina. Market America Inc. has become the fastest-growing and most-successful online retailer worldwide.

The company’s business model has enabled independent partners to reach their highest business potential and accomplish having the type of lifestyle they desire. Independent partners always look for ways to achieve their sales goals in many creative ways, and the company is always supportive with new products, which were launched during this year’s convention. The launch included the company’s much anticipated fall and winter Motives Cosmetics product line, and the availability is now being offered on shop.com.

The celebrities who attended to show their support at the Market America Convention 2017 will forever be a part of the company’s history and a chapter of the enormous contributions to the online retail industry. Independent partners made the convention a spectacular event with their typical enthusiasm and excitement for their huge successes within the company. Many of those in attendance were honored for their achievements and accomplishments with attained goals as independent partners.

The community of international entrepreneurs has contributed greatly towards the company’s vision for having a can-do attitude with becoming successful. It takes their commitment to hard work and never giving up that is not only the back-bone of the company’s success, but also the type of attitude that is celebrated by the company at the yearly convention.

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