Caveman is Spotted Walking around Warsaw, Indiana

Many people in northern Indiana were bewildered by the unusual sight of a caveman strolling around town.


In Warsaw County, a man dressed up as a caveman was first reportedly seen on Tuesday. The anonymous man was spotted at the local park in Warsaw as well as the park at Winona Lake. More people reported seeing the caveman downtown on Wednesday.


In an interview with FOX59 news, a local store owner talked about her interaction with the mysterious caveman. Michelle Smith Ledrew was working at her women’s boutique store when the gentleman walked in and began staring. Stunned by the unusual sight, Ledrew wasn’t able to speak. After making eye contact, the caveman turned around and left her business.


As the caveman continued walking down the sidewalk looking into other store windows, Ledrew took the opportunity to capture a photo of the puzzling sight. After all, not many people would believe such a story without verifiable proof.


In the same report, FOX59 had the opportunity to speak with the caveman directly. He admitted his intentions of the pursuit but clarified that he had no intentions to harm anyone. In fact, the caveman is the owner of his own online business called Warsaw Man Cave.


Operated completely on Facebook, Warsaw Man Cave sells used items that men can use in their man caves. The man, who who requested to remain anonymous, figured dressing up as a caveman would be excellent and cost-free advertising.


Fortunately, no residents of Warsaw County seemed to be bothered by the rather peculiar incident. Also, the caveman was able to get his free advertisement as several news stations reported on the incident.



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