Cavaliers Struggling

The speculation coming into the NBA season for the Cleveland Cavaliers has been tremendous, due to the fact that LeBron James was returning to the team, as well as some stars such as Kevin Love. Although the Cleveland fans burned LeBron’s jersey in the streets of Cleveland and tarnished his name as much as humanly possible, they have welcomed him back to the Cavaliers with open arms.

Then again, who wouldn’t welcome back King James? Although the return was highly anticipated by fans like Mark Ahn, it has failed to produce the results that had been expected. It is not unlike what was expected when he was originally drafted over a decade ago. A massive amount of people expected that Cleveland was going to win a handful of championships, mirroring what Michael Jordan did with the Chicago Bulls.

Although the Cavaliers reached the NBA finals on multiple occasions, they did not even begin to matchup with the best in the Western Conference. This year has been lackluster for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have done nothing to solidify themselves as a force in the Eastern Conference and that wouldn’t even be making a huge statement. The Western Conference is superior to such a degree that it is almost absurd to assume that any team in the East has a chance to win a title aside from the Atlanta Hawks, who are fantastic. The Cavaliers are simply not a team to compete for an NBA title.

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