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Adventures In Copenhagen With Kim Dao and Bambigirl

Kim Dao starts her day off with Starbucks. She has arrived in Denmark. She arrived early. She is waiting at Starbucks for her friend, Bambi. She does Youtube videos, similar to the type of videos Kim Dao does. Her and Kim Dao will be traveling together for the next few days. Kim Dao will edit some of her videos while she is waiting for her friend. They both taste danish meatballs. They enjoy them.


They are heading to the Tivoli theme park. They explore the sites and take some pictures. The weather is nice. They grab some food although Kim Dao isn’t very hungry. They look at all the rides at the theme park. They didn’t get on any because they were tired and there were long lines. They watch the marching band also. They walked around for 3 hours and is now headed to Pedestrian Street to look around and shop. They do some window shopping instead. Kim Dao breaks her shoe and needs to find more shoes. They take a break and have a snack. They look around some more. They have a car tour of the area. They decide to site see for a minute. They have Indian food for dinner.


After dinner, Kim Dao spent some time talking with her family. She had a lot of fun. She tried to do everything but she was jet lagged and extremely tired. She didn’t record as much because of that ( They didn’t get a chance to do any shopping but plan on shopping tomorrow. Kim Dao heads to bed.


Her video here.