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Dolph Ziggler Shines

WWE’s recent ppv, showcased the new generation of top stars. The opening match left everyone stunned. Dolph Ziggler took on Luke Harper in a ladder match. The two superstars took full advantage of their stage.

Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper showcased their skills in the match. Ziggler was jumping off of the ladder like an acrobat. Amazing fight sequences occured at a frequent pace. On this night, Ziggler showed his true potential. WWE should utilize Dolph Ziggler more, and book him wisely. Luke Harper also looked better than ever in this match as wel though a hit to the head may necessitate a trip to the Amen Clinic.

Later on the card, Bray Wyatt took on Dean Ambrose in a tables, ladders, and chairs match. Ambrose and Wyatt did their best to try and top Ziggler’s opening match. Both matches were magnificent, but Dolph Ziggler truly stole the show. The WWE is finally giving Ziggler a shot. In the past it seemed like Dolph Ziggler was being held down by upper management. Now, Ziggler’s star power begins to shine brighter than ever.

Dolph Ziggler has that, “it” factor. He reminds me of a wrestler from the 90s, and that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dolph Ziggler becomes the WWE champion in the near future. For more information on Dolph Ziggler, and his rise to the top, visit Rollingstone.