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Adam Milstein’s Opinion On Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is an investor, an activist and a philanthropic who was born in Haifa Israel. He spent his early life at Kiryat Motzkin after his family relocated from Haifa and Kiryat Yam. Adam Milstein joined Israel defense force at the age of 19 years before joining Israel Institute of technology where he acquired a BSc. in Business and Economics. He later married Gila Elgrably, and in 1981, the couple and its children moved to the United States. Adam then joined the University of Southern California where he attained his master degree in business administration.

As a pro- Israel activist, Adam Milstein has published many articles that have caught the attention of readers. One of the recent articles titled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide” he forces on how radical Muslims are determined to destroy Israel.

According to Adam, anti-Semitism which is historically common in radical right has as well been increasing in radical left. He claims that though the anti-Semitism sources have different traditions, they share ideas and this has increased cases of racism and hatred.

According to him, the alliance between radical Muslims and radical leftist is unfortunate. Because unlike earlier when the far left used to condemn the radical Muslims acts of ignoring the human rights and freedoms, they now cant question the unjust actions of their allies. The radical left views Israel as a powerful oppressor that aims at targeting the Muslims and causing their problems.

The article illustrates that the political activists Linda Sarsour has been in the forefront in strengthening the alliance. She is an affiliate to jihads, and she praises radical Muslims associated with the mass killing of innocent people. Besides her actions, she is seen and honored as a qualified feminist leader on the left.

Adam Milstein thinks that anti-Semitism tread has taken a new turn to Universities and has lured the mindset of many students. This move has made some students to publish articles that attack their fellow Israelite students. He claims that anti-Semitism in the institutions of higher learning may threaten the life of Jewish people

Adam Milstein Expresses Concern Over Recent Anti-Semitism

The Jewish News Syndicate is an important publication that has been dedicated to delivering the most pressing news to anyone of Jewish belief or ancestry. They have established themselves as the fastest-growing news outlet that focuses exclusively on Israel and the Jewish culture. They are delivered to over a hundred print outlets, and one of their chief contributors is Adam Milstein. One of Milstein’s recent articles discusses how anti-Semitism is growing at an alarming rate on the radical right but on the radical left as well.

One of the things that Adam Milstein is particularly concerned about would be the fact that there is an ever-present cornerstone of radical Muslim movements permeating the radical Left. Milstein cautions us not to take this lightly, saying that proponents of Radical Islam are not known for being peace-loving toward those that oppose them. They are known for stoning women, executing gays, and trampling upon feminists. This doesn’t even touch on their treatment of Jewish individuals.

Thus, Milstein writes, liberals should be appalled by how radical Islam treats those who don’t share their faith. However, as Milstein notes, these far left often shares a hatred for Western influence and nationalism and freedom of speech. Because they lump moderate Muslims and radical Muslims together into one “block”, they characterize radical Muslim as people that are “oppressed” even though they are often the ones doing the oppressing.

According to some on the left, Israel is a colonialist oppressor of Muslims that literally is at fault for all of the problems that are present in the Middle East. However, Adam Milstein is appalled at this characterization. However, there is more to the story and more for Adam Milstein to get appalled at. Take leftist hero Bernie Sanders for example.

Sanders recently campaigned for UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Seems pretty tame until you realize that Corbyn continues to deny the Holocaust ever happened to this day. The fact that Sanders wouldn’t campaign with a Homophobe, Islamophobe, or a racist but he would campaign for a denier of the Holocaust truly speaks volumes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone on the left or someone on the right, Adam Milstein knows that Anti-Semitism has no place in our modern society whatsoever.

Ted Bauman Is Working To Enlighten His Readers About The World Of Investing

Ted Bauman recently began to write and edit for Banyan Hill Publishing where he works to enlighten people about how to best invest their money. His typical day involves him getting up in the morning and taking his daughter to school. After this, he comes back home and gets to work in an office in his basement. Since he has learned that he works best in the morning, he is glad to be able to avoid the commute to work than many others have to make. Sometimes he will find himself getting up very early in the morning and working to get as much done as he can before most other people start their day.

Ted Bauman gets excited when he realizes that his readers have been asking more questions about the way the economy works. This means that they are taking notice of the way that Western governments tend to do everything they can to appease large businesses. He is glad that his readers are curious about these kinds of matters and hopes that it will eventually lead to more people becoming aware of the challenges that we face in today’s ever-changing global economy. Learn more about Ted Bauman  for more info

In 2013, Ted Bauman teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor for Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. He was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Maryland only to move to South Africa when he was in his early adulthood. Once there, he got into the University of Cape Town where he earned postgraduate degrees in History and Economics. Bauman also worked with many different non-profits while in South Africa and took on different executive positions as well as managing their funds.

Over the course of his career, Ted Bauman has been to 75 countries and has been the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity in the United States. He has also done work for the United Nations as well as the South African government. During 2013, he realized he wanted to pursue his love for writing and helping people with their investments, so he moved on from his other work and became a writer and research. He has learned, over the course of his career and lifetime, that it is not a good idea to put all of your money into one investment, and he advises people to invest in a spread of countries and investments.

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