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Nepal Is Rocked By A Second Powerful Earthquake

In Nepal and Northern India, there is massive earthquake damage. A second earthquake lasted for 3 minutes, and that was time enough to make the damage from the first quake look like just a preview of what was to come. According to the India Meteorological Department, more quakes are coming, but they don’t know how big they will be.

Sam Tabar has said that the reason for the quakes is the pent-up pressure from the grinding between the Indian plate and the northern Eurasian plate. Earthquakes are not new in that area. The friction between those two tectonic plates actually created Mount Everest.

Nepal wasn’t prepared for any size earthquake. The house and building construction in Kathmandu would not pass the building codes required by modern cities. But Kathmandu is not a modern city. It is a city lost in time. The people in Kathmandu live by a different set of rules. Their lives are rooted in the ancient traditions of the Hindu religion or Buddhism.

No one knows how the people of Kathmandu will recover from this catastrophe, but most people think this disaster will make them realize that they must embrace some of the 21st century’s building designs.