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Hair Care Solutions, Cleansing Conditioner and Sweet Results From Chaz Dean and Wen

Beautiful hair is easy to get. The harsh chemicals that regular shampoos or conditioners have can destroy your hair over time. Washing with one of these regular shampoos may strip out the natural oils your hair needs. Wen can help replace these oils by replacing your old shampoo with a conditioning cleanser.

Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN) learned about beautiful hair when he was working in a salon in Bel Air. He took on clients that wanted their hair colored or cut, building an extensive list of movie stars and celebrities. Eventually, Chaz decided to purchase the salon. He did so while building the new line of Wen hair care products. Everyone loved their hair after Chaz styled it. He did so with the new conditioning cleanser that he developed. The cleansing conditioner came in wonderful scents. Scents like Lavender, or sweet almond mint are some of the favorites.

Hair care became his passion. He began a line of products consisting of Cleansing Conditioners, face scrubs, lotions, and rinses. Chaz Dean takes his products in television commercials and shows such as QVC. They fly off the shelves because everyone knows how wonderful they work. Hair care products such as these leave your hair looking healthy. Hair is much more manageable. The conditioning cleanser thickens hair follicles. They even help to get rid of embarrassing split ends. These products are wonderful for your hair.

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Wen’s conditioning cleaner has several scents to choose. Lavender, pomegranate, and fig give hair a lasting fruity floral flair. The sweet almond mint offers your hair the nutty sweet sensation. This season the wonderful spice scents of apple spice are leaving your hair irresistible to the scents. If you are a person that enjoys a fragrance free solution for your hair, Chaz Dean has this in his collection. All of these are available online and on

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