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Wabash Valley family to be honored at March of Dimes event

Cambry DeGroote smiles, walks, talks and plays just like any other three-year-old. She probably does not understand the difficult circumstances surrounding her birth. Even though she may not fully understand what her birth means to her parents for many years yet, her parents know how lucky they are to have her. To honor her life and the lives of children who did not make it, the DeGroote family plans too participate in a March of Dimes Walk in Terre Haute on May 5.

The march’s route starts at the ISU footbal stadium and winds its way through other areas of the west central Indiana city. Cambry probably will not walk along the route herself, but the rest of her family will. The DeGrootes will be honored at the end of the march. Cambry does not know it, but her entry into this world was more difficult than the entry of most children into this world. She was born two months early and she spent seven months in Union Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, according to WTHI 10.

Despite the joy Cambry has given the DeGrootes, they are also particpating because of tragedy. Notably absent from the march, at least from their point of view is, Cambry’s brother Carston. Carston died suffered seven months into his mother’s pregnancy.

Without the support of the March of Dimes, the Cambry’s may not have ever seen Cambry’s smile. Other families are not so lucky. The DeGroots encourage everyone to give to the March of Dimes if they can afford to do so.