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Alternative Online Banking Alternative with PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay launched in 2007 and began a payment solutions business. The company provides financial clarity for individuals that want a global banking experience and alternative payment solutions. PSI-Pay became licensed to do such payment solutions in 2007 shortly after their launch by formally known FSA. They built their reputation by partnering with the best of the best in regards to sales, marketing, and management in order to provide the best service for an online-only banking solution. PSI-Pay is FCA regulated to ensure their customers will have secure security measures when it comes to their information.

Three years ago in 2015, PSI-Pay announced their best financial year. The company had made a 45% revenue jump and an incredible 29% volume increase from the previous year. PSI-Pay’s card sponsorship program combined with the thought out, successful business plan contributed to the high-profit margin for the company. The PSI-Pay team was more than confident that they would beat 2015 numbers consistently. With the help of successful promotional campaigns and affiliate programs, the company is proud to begin nationwide expansion.

When it comes down to Brexit and PSI-Pay as a combined force, the company has stated that they are not fully able to reveal the extended plans for the merge. Although terms have not been negotiated, the partnership is in the making for the company.

Being a FCA regulated company can mean everything to some customers and nothing to others as having the seal of protection does not always guarantee that your information is completely safe. PSI-Pay joined with MasterCard’s PayPass and promises that the advanced technology and integrated encrypted layers behind the PayPass secures and safeguards the data of its customers. This is also done with smartwatches and wristbands that can be purchased and used as an alternative payment solution. The safeguard feature restricts the user from further access until unlocked in the event of more than one failed attempt to pay with the card.


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Investment is the Top Option for FreedomPop

Almost every day news comes out of a startup being purchased by a major company in the technology or wireless communications area. FreedomPop is is bucking this trend by rebuffing a reported six bids for the mobile communications startup, which has recently been looking for investment to expand its range of services to customers around the world. TechCrunch is reporting the FreedomPop CEO and founder Stephen Stokols has recently been using the many options available to the company to raise funds and is not looking to sell the mobile carrier in the near future.

In fact, Stokols is reported to have set the data based mobile provider the challenge of being valued at more than $1 billion in the near future after receiving a reported six bids of around $250 million each for the company. FreedomPop has become a popular option amongst those larger companies looking to purchase it because of the unique way the company has negotiated the use of data from companies across North America and the UK. FreedomPop uses data to complete voice, text and other services from existing services, which rarely run to capacity. This means the company works with large wireless network carriers, fast food chains and large stores to offer access to wireless networks for a variety of uses.

Alongside the move to international areas with the start of services with the UK based carrier Three, FreedomPop is about to announce a major partnership agreement with a mobile device hardware company. This hardware partnership will add $5 million to the $30 million already raised to add to the value of the company that must now be seen as a serious alternative to expansive data plans from major wireless providers.

You can check out the full article on FreedomPop on TechCrunch.

FreedomPop Offers Free Wireless Service

FreedomPop is a new to the scene wireless carrier that is disrupting the big carriers across the United States. They are doing this by offering wireless data, talk time and text messaging for free. Offering an alternative to pricy traditional wireless plans the folks at FreedomPop have decided to start off their offerings at the low, low price of zero dollars a month. They also offer other plans at different levels for reasonable prices. In the following article we will go over the offerings at FreedomPop and how they are disrupting the entire wireless carrier spectrum. 

This FreedomPop review says plans start at zero and go up from there. Their basic free plan starts with five hundred text messages, two hundred minutes of talk time and five hundred megabytes of data. You are entitled to reach all of these limits without paying FreedomPop a dime. Once you pass these benchmarks you will have to pay per text, minute and megabyte. If you feel that you will be using more than these amounts FreedomPop also offers some fantastically cheap plans that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too. 

If you opt for their unlimited plan which offers no limit on texts, phone talk time and data you will be allowed to try it out for a trial period and after that you will be paying 6.67 per month or 79.99 per year. Much like many other carriers once you pass a certain limit of data- in this case 1 gigabyte- your data will be throttled down from 4g speeds to 3g speeds. Unlike many other carriers, especially Verizon, you will not be charged overage fees if you manage to go over your set data allotment. 

Unfortunately you will not be able to bring your own phone to FreedomPop- you will need to order one of their in house phones but with many competitively priced offerings you should not have any trouble finding something that fits your particular tastes. Another possible issue with FreedomPop service is that they have not yet extended their service area to every part of the United States. While most major metropolitan and suburban areas have service rural areas may be spotty. However as FreedomPop grows in size and popularity this problem should solve itself.

If you are looking for a cheap or eve

Tom Rothman: Entertainment Visionary

Thomas Edgar Rothman has established himself as a visionary in the American film industry with a deep commitment to education and the arts. Rothman recently has been appointed as chairman of a joint venture between Sony Pictures and TriStar Productions, whereby he will endeavor to develop signature film and television programs.

Rothman also has held the position of Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment until 2012. Rothman joined Fox in 1994 as its founder and President of Fox Searchlight and served in this capacity for 18 years. Under his leadership, Fox became the most profitable film studio in the industry.

During Rothman’s tenure, 150 Fox films received Oscar recognition, while winning three Best Picture Awards. The studio profited with more than $30 billion in box office revenue, while two of its productions became the most grossing films ever, Titanic and Avatar. Rothman, in addition, was the man behind the Fox Legacy television series.
His interview in Variety mentioned that in addition to his film industry work, Rothman has been successful in non-profit work in arts and education. In 2013 President Obama included Rothman as part of his 18-member National Council on the Arts. The body makes recommendations on the endowment for policies and and grant provisions in the humanities. He also has participated in the Academic Affairs Committee at Brown University.

Rothman has served as a teaching professional and fund generator for Mentor L.A. Partner Schools. Rothman also has served on the Board of Directors of the Sundance Institute as an emeritus member and the American Film Institute. He has participated actively in fundraising for the Jewish Home for the Aging, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the American Jewish Committee.

Born in 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland, Rothman graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University, where he also earned accolades on the Lacrosse field. In 1977, he coached soccer and taught English at the Salisbury School in Connecticut. In 1980, he graduated from the Law School at Columbia University, where he was named a James Kent Scholar, which is the most prestigious honor bestowed by the institution. Upon graduation, he joined The United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit as a law clerk for the Honorable Walter Mansfield. From 1982 to 1986, he served as a lawyer at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz. He has a picture of his family on his website.