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UPS Will Open an Indiana Processing Facility

UPS is the largest package delivery company on the planet. They will soon be increasing the size of their operations in the state of Indiana. They will be opening a package processing facility that will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $260 million. It will be 893,000 square feet when it is finally completed in the second half of 2019. It will be located in the city of Plainfield. This is very good news for the local economy because roughly 575 full-time jobs will be created as a result of the new facility being opened. These jobs will be added gradually over the next five years.


The economy of Plainfield has been struggling during the past few years. Some of the most important companies in the state have closed up and moved their operations elsewhere. This has caused unemployment to rise. The announcement that a large UPS facility will soon be opening in the area has a lot of people very excited. The company has said that there could be more jobs added at various Indiana UPS facilities that are already in operation. This will provide a boost for the local economy that is exactly what it needs. It is unclear what positions will be needed. A UPS spokesman said that people interested in working for UPS at the new Plainfield facility should visit the UPS website on a regular basis to find out info on the new jobs. The site will tell people when to apply for the jobs they want. All applications can be submitted through the website.


Opening this larger facility will give UPS much greater flexibility than they had before when it comes to how they want to route their packages in that part of the country. Therefore, people will get their packages delivered much faster than they otherwise would have. There is no word on when construction on the new facility will begin. UPS is currently taking bids from construction companies.