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Graeme Holm: Encouraging People to Manage their Finances

Australians have been relying heavily on their credit cards, and they have been identified as one of the countries that registered a huge instance of debt. Graeme Holm, who is an Australian businessman, wanted to help these people to manage their finances. He established the Infinity Group Australia with the primary objective of assisting people to change their spending habits, and through the years of operation, the company has helped hundreds of people. Graeme Holm has been in the financial business for more than 17 years, and the skills that he acquired over time are now being used to his clients who wanted to see changes in the way they spend their money.



Graeme Holm has been working in the banking industry before establishing his own business. He grew tired of the monotonous tasked that he has been doing for years, so he decided to quit and built his own company instead. He also thought about new ideas that can be introduced to the public, but after he realized that a lot of Australians are having problems with their debt, he ended up establishing a firm that would help them manage their finances and control their expenses to be able to pay their debts. The business that he established, called the Infinity Group Australia, quickly became known around the country because of their promise to change the lives of those who are indebted.



As of today, the company has helped over a hundred individuals who had problems with their debt. Graeme Holm also revealed the steps on how they are helping these people. He said that their clients are required to make their expenses table, indicating where their income goes. After checking out the information shown to them, they will decide which ones would have to stay and which ones should go. For those who have excessive debts, Graeme Holm tends to focus on providing their clients with an expenses table that requires them to buy only the most important needs, like groceries, water, and gasoline. All other things are considered as wants, and he is telling his clients that if they wanted to notice changes instantly, they would have to follow the strict guide given by the company.



When the client agrees to the plan, Infinity Group Australia would call the creditors and offer a timetable when the client could pay all of the debts. Normally, the interests and other penalties are removed. After everything has been set, Infinity Group Australia would start monitoring the client. They would also remind them of not spending too much so that their goal can be achieved. Graeme Holm is so proud of his company, and he even highlighted one of their cases involving a young man who incurred more than $96,000 debt. The Infinity Group Australia helped the young man clear his debt, and he is now living debt-free.



Graeme Holm, through his company, has been advising the public not to fall inside the debt trap due to excessive use of credit cards. He has been offering them an alternative solution to clear their debts, as well as helping them gain more profit and plan for their future. Learn more:


Infinity Group Puts Clients First

A former semi-professional footballer, an injury led Graeme Holm into the financial sector. As successful off the field as he was on, Holm quickly rose through the ranks of a major 4 bank in Australia, spending a decade in various management positions but always staying focused on the home loan aspect of finance. His experiences in banking led to start his own company, Infinity Group.

Focused on mortgages from the borrowers perspective, Infinity Group was founded to address a lack in the financial industry that Holm say: That once they had been approved for their mortgage loan borrowers were largely ignored by the banks. He saw families coming less than 10 years into their 30 year mortgages and taking out a loan on their homes. This led to the borrowers paying far more than they needed to. The banks themselves offered no financial incentive to employees to keep working with borrowers to help them reduce their payments and avoid multiple loans and mortgages on a single property.

Infinity Group works with borrowers to keep them educated about their mortgage deals and laws in an effort to save them money. Holm’s company also offers budgeting assistance to help homeowners pay the bills while also giving them something in their pocket at the end of the month.

Holm instilled a philosophy of “client first, profit second” for Infinity Group that has helped the business grow. Many of their clients come from referrals from other clients. Since the services they offer often cover the span of years Infinity Group gets the opportunity to get to know their clients and gain their trust. Infinity Group also has a social media presence that has been helping them grow their business as well.

Infinity Group’s profits come from fees to their clients. They offer two options for payment: Either an up-front fee based on the value of the properties being dealt with or a deferred payment fee that they will help the client budget into their finances.

Holm has said that “Client first” has caused some losses over the years but that overall the business is doing well and continues to grow. Holm also says that he has made many sacrifices for the business, such as missing the wedding of a friend overseas. He sometimes doubts himself when he hears negative press but he looks at the success rates he’s had with clients and it helps. Learn more:


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Is Penn’s View of Society

The first book from any would-be writer always sets a precedent. First impressions are important, and even if a new writer can be excused a few mistakes, their first outing still carries a lot of weight. Sean Penn is not new to the world of writing. The Oscar-winning actor has written screenplays and articles throughout his illustrious career. This is the first time he has written a book thought, and his first outing is definitely earning him some comments.


Penn’s first book is dubbed, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“, and in many ways is just a tirade of thought wrapped in a thin fabric of story. The narrative style of Honey is episodic in nature, although there is no real concrete plot. It fires off like a series of memoires, intermixed with poetry, and some minute raving. The book falls under the genre of satire, and Penn certainly has a lot to say through it.


The story follows Bob Honey, an ex-septic tank salesman, ex-husband, and ex-believer in America. He is disgruntled, unhappy, and has trouble connecting with people. He also moonlights as a government assassin. The shady sect of the government he works for using Honey to dispatch old people in order to save the environment. An act he accomplishes by using a mallet.


Honey is obviously a stand in for Penn, lamenting on the state of his country, and venting his many frustration for all to hear. The president of his dystopian version of the U.S. of A. is aptly called Mr. Landlord. An obvious salute to Trump, the book finishes with Honey writing a fiery letter to the president.



Penn does not stop there thought, as many more subjects get focus in his book. An epilogue after the conclusion, written in poem form speaks out against many things. It blames the media for violence, stating that they glorify such things. It also admonishes #MeToo for using playground tactics that infantilize the serious subjects they abdicate. Infantilize is actually the word Penn uses. Honey is also not a fan of social media, which he considers to be marketing.


As with any satire the book contains nuggets of the writer’s truth within its pages, presenting his unique opinions on current events. But they are just opinions, and everybody is entitled to their own set. According to Penn the book is also open to the readers’ interpretation.

Service to life – Dr Saad Saad.

From a Palestinian refugee family in Kuwait, Saad Saad rose from the odds to make the headlines, by becoming a qualified paediatric surgeon. Poor background of Dr Saad Saad propelled him towards achieving his best. Coming from a family of eight children who was focused on life motivated him positively. Cairo University was the campus where he studied before moving to England for an internship. Venturing into medicine was a dream come true to Dr Saad Saad which since in high school he dreamt to be.

On the completion of his internship, Saad Saad went to the United States of America for work. The USA became his residence during his work life.Hard work and determination were still in the mind of Dr.Saad Saad at every point in time, by this, he was able to carry out his researches in his field of work and got reliable information. In return that proved him to be a good paediatrician. Certification by the USA board in pediatric surgery proved his competence.

In the period as a paediatrician, many young lives were saved regardless of their segregative features like race and religion. Service to humanity, according to Saad Saad was mainly steered by his humility and kindness to all. Many surgeries were done by him throughout his working life but what remained outstanding was his inventions of new methods of surgeries. Exclusively, this made him to always linger in the minds of other paediatrician surgeons. Such invention from a refugee to an icon in surgery was unbelievably amazing.

Offering services to the less fortunate were also part of Dr.Saad’s life. In Jerusalem, he delivered free pediatric services for free in the mission to help the poor. Such act was out of volunteering propelled by sympathy and mercy. Life to Dr.Saad was a precious thing and he tried his best to help everyone. Sober mind and being keen made him work correctly in surgeries. Enough sleep made his brain to relax and function properly. In an earlier interview, he claimed that he was able to make perfect incisions. Learn more:

On his private life, Dr. Saad managed to get four kids. Entirely in his storyline, he viewed God to be a game changer and everything happened for a reason. The final place of work to Dr Saad was being a surgeon-in-chief and medical director of children hospital at Hackensack meridian health care in the USA.

Dr. Saad: Pediatrician, Philanthropist

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon, philanthropist, and inventor who is based in the state of New Jersey and specializes in pediatrics he has 21 years of experience. Dr. Saad is affiliated with Monmouth Medical Center Long Branch and Jersey Shore University Medical Center.


Dr. Saad Is a native of Palestine although he was raised in Kuwait and is one of eight children, three of which are surgeons. His very first interest in entering the medical profession started in his high school years in Kuwait in 1965 when he first thought he wanted to follow his older brothers footsteps to be an engineer. He took a construction job working in 100+ degree weather with his brothers. Due to the extremely hot Kuwait Summers, he decided he’d rather work indoors. Specifically as a surgeon. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad believes we are all equal in Gods eyes and he strongly believes in treating all the children he works with the same in spite of disabilities, social standing religion, economic class or ethnicity. Dr. Saad also believes research and organization leads to results.


Dr. Saad has a certification in pediatric surgery from the American Board of Surgery and is an AAP fellow as well as an ACS fellow. Dr. Saad has written various medical publications. He had received training in pediatrics from the greatest pediatric surgeon in the United States, Dr. Biemann Othersen in Charleston, SC. Before he retired, Dr. Saad was the surgeon in Chief and medical co-director of K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Healthcare system.


Dr. Saad has completed his internship in England and is a graduate of Cairo University School of Medicine and graduated second in his class with honors. In addition to developing various new pediatric procedures, he has completed thousands of surgeries on children from infant to teen and has two patented inventions. Dr. Saad has completed eight missions to Jerusalem to person free surgeries on impoverished children. He also has four children of his own. Two of them are surgeons, one is a nurse and one is a lawyer. Dr. Saad has been married for over 40 years.

Dick Devos – article recap

Dick DeVos, newly tapped by the Trump administration to the leading civilian oversight panel of the Federal Aviation Administration, has been working in his home state of Michigan for decades to enhance business, tourism, education, culture and air travel.


The Amway heir and his wife, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy, are well known in Grand Rapids, Mich., for their philanthropy and civic work. Their mission to improve their community began with a 1991 project that resulted in changing the Grand Rapids downtown landscape.


Grand Rapids wanted a multi-purpose sports and convention area and was proposing an initial idea of building the complex north of the city.


DeVos, working toward the CEO post in his family’s Amway Corp, began lobbying against the proposal. He was concerned the move would leave downtown as desolate as Detroit after the Pistons and the Lions moved outside the city for the Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome.


“That lesson was not lost on us,” he stated in an interview with a local Michigan media outlet.


DeVos formed Grand Action with other business leaders. The group’s successful campaign resulted in several construction projects in downtown Grand Rapids, including the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, Michigan State University medical school and the Grand Rapids City Market.


Since then, Dick DeVos has completed several other projects promoting growth in Grand Rapids. He became well versed in the aviation industry years ago when he began a pitch to AirTran Airways to invest more resources in the Grand Rapids airport.


He cold called the airline executive, got a meeting, and eventually convinced the executive to visit Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The deal was soon signed for AirTran to run non-stop flights out of the airport and that forever changed travel in West Michigan.


There was one obstacle months later when the airline was bought by Southwest, a carrier that had no interest in Grand Rapids. DeVos told Southwest they should not just keep the non-stop flights to Orlando and Baltimore, but should expand them.


“They reduced service in other communities but we were not on that list. That was a big deal,” DeVos said. Learn more:


DeVos, with encouragement from his wife, also created the public high school West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school provides targeted education for students interested in flying.


The power couple also founded a school-choice advocacy group called the Great Lakes Education Project. The group, which includes a political action committee, won a battle against the formation of a commission that would have decision-making ability over opening all schools, including charter schools funded by the public. The measure was blocked in the legislature.


Cotemar and Sipsa as Logistical Leaders

If you haven’t heard of Cotemar, they’re a Mexican owned and operated oil company primarily working in the Gulf of Mexico. As a part of Cotemar’s business, modernizing and commissioning new ventures is a part of daily business. A subsidiary called Sipsa handles these operations. Stated in Spanish, the company’s name is an acronym for Servicios de la Industria Petrolera. The company’s translation to English is “Services of the Petroleum Industry.” Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Sipsa is primarily responsible for the modernization and installation of offshore processing centers. The commissioning of the centers is also handled by Sipsa. Prefabricated materials are often a part of the process and are constructed by Sipsa as well.

As safety and accuracy are absolute necessities to properly carry out the work, the staff of Sipsa is trained using the best possible simulators, on and off worksite courses and top notch instructors. The tools used to complete the job are among the best technology available.

To carry out the work activities quickly and concisely, semi-submersible rigs are the workhorses of the operation. They have the speed and agility to handle nearly any task required at a worksite. The rigs also have the ability to quickly move from one site to another, minimizing losses due to expedience or lost productivity.

Derrick cranes are also used to build and move materials. This helps maximize productivity by being able to quickly assemble prefabricated structures. Being a part of the giant Cotemar gives Sipsa the advantage of having a yard close by on shore. This further helps to reduce lost time and productivity by having an intelligently placed logistical center. Learn more about Cotemar:

Among the highest of considerations in all the activities described is safety. As employees and even the equipment are held to rigorous demands and standards, safety trumps all else.  As Cotemar is a company that handles contracts with Pemex, they must be able to maintain the highest of certifications and safety standards.

Sipsa is certified by ISO 9001, who is a commonly recognized maritime regulatory compliance licensing authority. Cotemar and Sipsa are also required to obey and voluntarily comply with local and any other legal obligations imposed.

Cotemar and Sipsa are logistics marvels. Using the smartest of all resources, including treating employees as the most valuable of assets, they’re making a strong name for themselves in the petroleum industry. The ethical and people-centric policies of Cotemar and all its subsidiaries are examples of what companies worldwide should take notice of.

Ideal Medical Procedures Performed by Dr. Imran Haque


Dr. Imran Haque serves at Ramseur, Asheboro, and the surrounding areas. He is a highly experienced and honored internist who has been in service for more than 15 years. He offers a variety of services in his institutions. These include weight management services, Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, diabetes treatment options, physical exams, dermal fillers, Botox, and laser hair removal. Dr. Imran Haque studied at the University of Virginia and currently has a license to perform medical procedures in North Carolina. He participates in maintaining the Certification Program for Internal Medicine.


He has specialized knowledge which allows him to perform routine doctor operations as well as the extra services. Due to his flexibility, he has a high number of patients as he can serve as a primary care physician and also treat specific ailments. Dr. Imran Haque detects common illnesses and refers the necessary medication to the patient. The presence of ultrasound services and a laboratory in his office facilitate complete and quick treatment.


Dr. Imran Haque performs dermal filling procedures which are nonsurgical solutions to various cosmetic problems. These fillers are used to restore lost weight, enhance facial contours, and plump lips among many more practices. The professional doctor also offers anti-aging solutions through Botox which is excellent for eliminating wrinkles and facial lines. Dr. Imran Haque has helped many people lose unwanted weight at his Institute in Ashebero. He is termed as one of the best specialists in assisting people to lose weight and keep fit around that area. This is done by recommending various treatments for loss of weight and then educating the patients on ways to live healthy lifestyles and consume nutritious substances.


A patient seeking weight management assistance should seek a doctor who qualifies in the following areas. They should provide medical options to manage weight, make time to talk about lifestyle decisions that contribute to a person weight, and also one who can perform cosmetic operations to enhance the patient’s body, if necessary. Another of his many services is Venus Body Contouring which improves the body shape of the patient. This is done by tightening the skin, reducing cellulite or reducing wrinkles, depending on the patient’s problem.



Two Cities Join Forces for One Trail:

Residents in Fishers and Noblesville will be able to walk or ride on a new trail that will run between the two cities. The mayors of the two cities, Fishers’ Scott Fadness and Noblesville’s John Distlear, announced their communities will team up, along with the Hamilton County government, to create the Nickel Plate Trail. This trail will be built over the former Nickel Plate Rail Line. The development plans call for a paved path a little over nine miles long and 14 feet wide. Walkers, joggers, cyclists, and skaters will be able to use the trail, which will run between 96th Street in Fishers to Pleasant Street in Noblesville. The cost of the project is estimated to be $9.3 million, which comes out to nearly $1 million per mile. Your text to link…


Mayor Fadness said the Nickel Plate Trail will give the residents of both cities the chance to experience what those communities have to offer. The trail will give those who use it access to the downtown areas of both Fishers and Noblesville.


Residents of the two cities will have a chance to hear more about the trail project and comment about it. Two town halls on the subject are scheduled, the first for March 21st at Fishers City Hall, the second March 23rd at Noblesville City Hall.


Hamilton County is in the center of Indiana, ten miles north of Indianapolis, and boasts a population of more than 274,000. Noblesville, the county seat, has around 52,000 people, and Fishers has a population of more than 76,000.

Equities First Holdings South Africa Bringing Capital to the Needy Businesses

Equities first Holdings is a stock-based lender company that was founded in 2002. Its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. It runs globally, having offices in different countries including Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, and London. The company specializes in offering financial support and allocation of capital. It provides credit to all companies.

It provides lending services for businesses and investors to meet their financial goal. Loans provided are based on risks and performance evaluation on a publicly traded stock. The stock-based loans have an advantage to the borrowers since they get to utilize the credit even if the stock value goes down. It offers a higher loan at a lower fixed interest rate, thus making the company the better option for people who need urgent loans and are not qualified for the credit-based loans.

It is also involved in the allocation of non-financial based capital to individuals considered high net worth. Since its founding, the company has completed more than 700 transactions for clients ranging from small to large companies and high-net-worth individuals. In addition, it has formed its profit to more than $40million for the margin and stock-based loans and has issued more than $2 billion using stock as collateral.

The firm offers reasonable terms using a safe and reliable technique. Its major success was triggered after the company overtook the Meridian Equity Partners Limited based in London. It has proven to be reliable during the economic crisis by offering loans to those who need fast working capital.

It also provides stock-based loans to those who seek to offer a hedge against their problems. Those who need cash to pay their debt or buy shares for their business can benefit from this company. Equities First Holdings is unique, even with the huge transactions it still takes the operations as their daily works.