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Cotemar and Sipsa as Logistical Leaders

If you haven’t heard of Cotemar, they’re a Mexican owned and operated oil company primarily working in the Gulf of Mexico. As a part of Cotemar’s business, modernizing and commissioning new ventures is a part of daily business. A subsidiary called Sipsa handles these operations. Stated in Spanish, the company’s name is an acronym for Servicios de la Industria Petrolera. The company’s translation to English is “Services of the Petroleum Industry.” Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Sipsa is primarily responsible for the modernization and installation of offshore processing centers. The commissioning of the centers is also handled by Sipsa. Prefabricated materials are often a part of the process and are constructed by Sipsa as well.

As safety and accuracy are absolute necessities to properly carry out the work, the staff of Sipsa is trained using the best possible simulators, on and off worksite courses and top notch instructors. The tools used to complete the job are among the best technology available.

To carry out the work activities quickly and concisely, semi-submersible rigs are the workhorses of the operation. They have the speed and agility to handle nearly any task required at a worksite. The rigs also have the ability to quickly move from one site to another, minimizing losses due to expedience or lost productivity.

Derrick cranes are also used to build and move materials. This helps maximize productivity by being able to quickly assemble prefabricated structures. Being a part of the giant Cotemar gives Sipsa the advantage of having a yard close by on shore. This further helps to reduce lost time and productivity by having an intelligently placed logistical center. Learn more about Cotemar:

Among the highest of considerations in all the activities described is safety. As employees and even the equipment are held to rigorous demands and standards, safety trumps all else.  As Cotemar is a company that handles contracts with Pemex, they must be able to maintain the highest of certifications and safety standards.

Sipsa is certified by ISO 9001, who is a commonly recognized maritime regulatory compliance licensing authority. Cotemar and Sipsa are also required to obey and voluntarily comply with local and any other legal obligations imposed.

Cotemar and Sipsa are logistics marvels. Using the smartest of all resources, including treating employees as the most valuable of assets, they’re making a strong name for themselves in the petroleum industry. The ethical and people-centric policies of Cotemar and all its subsidiaries are examples of what companies worldwide should take notice of.

Ideal Medical Procedures Performed by Dr. Imran Haque


Dr. Imran Haque serves at Ramseur, Asheboro, and the surrounding areas. He is a highly experienced and honored internist who has been in service for more than 15 years. He offers a variety of services in his institutions. These include weight management services, Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, diabetes treatment options, physical exams, dermal fillers, Botox, and laser hair removal. Dr. Imran Haque studied at the University of Virginia and currently has a license to perform medical procedures in North Carolina. He participates in maintaining the Certification Program for Internal Medicine.


He has specialized knowledge which allows him to perform routine doctor operations as well as the extra services. Due to his flexibility, he has a high number of patients as he can serve as a primary care physician and also treat specific ailments. Dr. Imran Haque detects common illnesses and refers the necessary medication to the patient. The presence of ultrasound services and a laboratory in his office facilitate complete and quick treatment.


Dr. Imran Haque performs dermal filling procedures which are nonsurgical solutions to various cosmetic problems. These fillers are used to restore lost weight, enhance facial contours, and plump lips among many more practices. The professional doctor also offers anti-aging solutions through Botox which is excellent for eliminating wrinkles and facial lines. Dr. Imran Haque has helped many people lose unwanted weight at his Institute in Ashebero. He is termed as one of the best specialists in assisting people to lose weight and keep fit around that area. This is done by recommending various treatments for loss of weight and then educating the patients on ways to live healthy lifestyles and consume nutritious substances.


A patient seeking weight management assistance should seek a doctor who qualifies in the following areas. They should provide medical options to manage weight, make time to talk about lifestyle decisions that contribute to a person weight, and also one who can perform cosmetic operations to enhance the patient’s body, if necessary. Another of his many services is Venus Body Contouring which improves the body shape of the patient. This is done by tightening the skin, reducing cellulite or reducing wrinkles, depending on the patient’s problem.



Two Cities Join Forces for One Trail:

Residents in Fishers and Noblesville will be able to walk or ride on a new trail that will run between the two cities. The mayors of the two cities, Fishers’ Scott Fadness and Noblesville’s John Distlear, announced their communities will team up, along with the Hamilton County government, to create the Nickel Plate Trail. This trail will be built over the former Nickel Plate Rail Line. The development plans call for a paved path a little over nine miles long and 14 feet wide. Walkers, joggers, cyclists, and skaters will be able to use the trail, which will run between 96th Street in Fishers to Pleasant Street in Noblesville. The cost of the project is estimated to be $9.3 million, which comes out to nearly $1 million per mile. Your text to link…


Mayor Fadness said the Nickel Plate Trail will give the residents of both cities the chance to experience what those communities have to offer. The trail will give those who use it access to the downtown areas of both Fishers and Noblesville.


Residents of the two cities will have a chance to hear more about the trail project and comment about it. Two town halls on the subject are scheduled, the first for March 21st at Fishers City Hall, the second March 23rd at Noblesville City Hall.


Hamilton County is in the center of Indiana, ten miles north of Indianapolis, and boasts a population of more than 274,000. Noblesville, the county seat, has around 52,000 people, and Fishers has a population of more than 76,000.

Equities First Holdings South Africa Bringing Capital to the Needy Businesses

Equities first Holdings is a stock-based lender company that was founded in 2002. Its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. It runs globally, having offices in different countries including Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, and London. The company specializes in offering financial support and allocation of capital. It provides credit to all companies.

It provides lending services for businesses and investors to meet their financial goal. Loans provided are based on risks and performance evaluation on a publicly traded stock. The stock-based loans have an advantage to the borrowers since they get to utilize the credit even if the stock value goes down. It offers a higher loan at a lower fixed interest rate, thus making the company the better option for people who need urgent loans and are not qualified for the credit-based loans.

It is also involved in the allocation of non-financial based capital to individuals considered high net worth. Since its founding, the company has completed more than 700 transactions for clients ranging from small to large companies and high-net-worth individuals. In addition, it has formed its profit to more than $40million for the margin and stock-based loans and has issued more than $2 billion using stock as collateral.

The firm offers reasonable terms using a safe and reliable technique. Its major success was triggered after the company overtook the Meridian Equity Partners Limited based in London. It has proven to be reliable during the economic crisis by offering loans to those who need fast working capital.

It also provides stock-based loans to those who seek to offer a hedge against their problems. Those who need cash to pay their debt or buy shares for their business can benefit from this company. Equities First Holdings is unique, even with the huge transactions it still takes the operations as their daily works.

28-Year Old Bald Eagle Soars Across Indiana

An American bald eagle that was introduced to Indiana in the late 1980s has been spotted flying in magnificent patterns around the Hoosier State. The female avian was a nestling when she was brought from Alaska; she is known as C43 and is believed to be one of the oldest bald eagles in the United States.


Over the last two decades, wildlife biologists have spotted C43 in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Bald eagles enjoy mountainous habitats with mature trees and large bodies of water. The most recent sighting of C43 was in the Monroe Lake area, where she was also seen a few weeks ago.


In July 2015, state wildlife management officials spotted C43 in the company of eaglets at one of 179 eagle nests counted in Indiana this year. Bald eagles were considered an endangered species when C43 was introduced along with other nestlings.


Bald eagles breed a couple of times per year. The clutch laid by females may result in three eggs, of which one typically survives. It is interesting to note that this is a species that is known to mate for life, or at least until one of the birds dies and is replaced by a new mate.


Eagle nests are not difficult to spot since they often measure between six and eight feet in diameter. As of 2014, the number of bald eagles in North America was estimated to be around 70,000. Climate change and habitat loss are the major endangerment factors for American bald eagles.


Leadership with Rich Experience

Timothy Armour is a 32 year veteran of Capital Group. He was promoted to the position of the Capital Group succeeding James Rothenberg who passed on after a heart attack. At the time of the appointment by the Capital Group board, Armour served as the firm’s management committee. The firms are one of the largest funds manager with assets valued over 1.25 trillion mostly for clients who hold equity mutual funds.

Armour joined Capital Group after he had graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont, he is a champion of active management. In various interviews, he has defended the historical performances of the firms’ stock pickers. He says that their main aim is to enable the clients to get a better return over a certain period of time.

Since the 2008 financial crisis investor have been pulling their funds from the active manager in favor of the index as well as the exchange traded funds that imitate indexes. Despite these challenges, Timothy Armour has a different perspective for the investor.

Amour says that investors need to look for active managers who can earn them their keep from their investments. He notes that the best active funds managers use their time by doing research diligently on companies that are both in their funds as well as the funds of the investors. Managers need to analyze the performance of each and every company that they have plans investing in or companies currently invested in. He says that managers should use the deep analysis to uncover insight and make an informed decision on both the company’s future prospects as well as interest. Not only should managers take action with their teams but they should also do so with the experts of the companies that they are considering to invest in. prior making the decision to invest manager should finish due diligence on the company and carry out financial analysis so that they can comprehend the risk and tradeoffs.

The experience of Armour has enabled him to give an expert opinion regarding various activities in the global financial markets such as the September 2015 selloff. Although many experts believe that China is to blame for the causes of the selloff, Timothy Armour has other opinions. He believes that the rise of the interest rates would limit the return on the investments that he has noticed that in the previous years it was almost zero, thus it gave analysts the confidence that led to the rise of the problems experienced in the recent years. Amour acknowledges while the U.S. and China are driving the economy, the zero interest rates is good and that the change of the U.S policy will assist the global market and assist the developing countries to build a strong foundation in future.

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White Shark Media Can Manage Your Google AdWords Campaigns Better

If you own a small business and have a certain way you prefer to market it, you might wonder whether search engine marketing (SEM) is worth getting into. It’s true some businesses might prefer to stay away from it if they feel search engine optimization (SEO) is sufficient to their needs, or other marketing tools. But the truth is SEM can actually go a long way towards generating sales leads if it’s used correctly, and there are few people out there who’ve become exceptionally proficient at it. But White Shark Media is a company that you might consider hiring to run your SEM for you.


White Shark Media has teams of AdWords specialists that manage Google AdWords campaigns, helping position them to generate not only clicks but leads. They also have call tracking for customers who are coming to your company website through the phone, and have a knack for identifying areas of your campaigns that need improvement. In the past some customers have complained that White Shark Media’s specialists haven’t communicated closely enough during various periods, and that they started losing track of campaigns. White Shark Media has changed this and now have regularly scheduled meeting times to keep track of changes that get made along the way.


If you’re having doubts about hiring White Shark Media or whether they’re really worth the investment, you can have an evaluation session with them. White Shark Media allows all new customers to have a free evaluation without any pressure to hire them. During the evaluation, you meet with a specialist who takes a look at your current AdWords campaigns, and then explains how White Shark Media could improve those campaigns. Most of the time people come away satisfied with the evaluation that they decide to hire White Shark Media, but for those who still need time to think it over or decide they don’t wish to hire them, they can simply walk away.

Gaining Assistance From An Advertiser

One of the most important aspects of business is marketing. In order to market, one must do a lot of things which include advertising. For one thing, if people don’t know about the business or the product, they will be likely to miss out on what is offered. However, it does take a lot of time to actually come up with a marketing campaign that will not only let people know about what is being offered, but also get people wanting to buy the product. This is why it is a better idea for a business to look into the marketing agencies to provide the campaigns for people.


one advertising agency that is very effective at advertising is White Shark Media. They have a lot of experience in the marketing department. They know how to reach the target audience. Therefore, they take the time to put together something that is going to get people’s attention and have them look into the products that are offered. This not only gets people to visit the site, but also convert the visits to sales. This is one of the most important aspects of business. This is what gets the business to the needed level of success.


While people can get tons of visits to their websites, it is the conversions that matter the most. This is one of the reasons that people need an effective advertising campaign. When they deal with the right wording and the message, then people will be more interested in the product. The most important thing is to make sure that people know just enough about the product. If too much is revealed about the product right away, then it is going to turn some people away because they are not interested enough. White Shark Media knows how to make sure that people want to have the product that is being advertised.


For people that are interested in White Shark Media, all they have to do is contact the agency and then let them know that they are interested in the services that they offer. Then they will take the time to work with the clients so that they can come up with something that everyone will like.

Let Handy Do the Spring Cleaning

It’s spring again. That means warmer weather, birds returning, trees budding out with leaves, flowers blooming and, of course, spring cleaning. Go through the house. This is a good time to sort through belongings and get rid of anything and everything that won’t be used or worn again. Donate items to a charity or sell them on eBay.

It’s time to organize all the closets, to remove trash from the basement and garage (making certain to properly dispose of such hazardous items as old cans of paint and motor oil), to scrub kitchen walls with a degreaser, to apply grout sealer between all the bathroom tiles, to dust everything on the shelves, to beat chair and sofa cushions outside, to vacuum beneath the cushions, to wash all windows on the inside and the outside, to polish metal door and window pieces, to dust every surface in the house including the tops of the ceiling fan blades and window shades, to wax and polish tile and vinyl floors, to air out mattresses, pillows and comforters and refresh with baking soda, to scrub any hidden grease in the oven and to wipe away any food in the refrigerator and freezer.

Of course, a truly thorough spring cleaning such as that is a lot of work. It’s exhausting just to think of it. So, many people will simply call up Handy and book a cleaner to come to their house or apartment and perform all the labor for them.

Handy launched in 2012. It’s a service people can book and pay for through a mobile app. Handy has already qualified all the contractor workers, doing extensive background checks so they guarantee home security and satisfaction.

Late last year, Handy’s competitor Homejoy shut its doors and it raised $50 million to double the number of cities where its services are available by the end of this year. 50 percent of Handy’s customers come from referrals, and 85 percent of their customers become repeat buyers. Handy workers also perform other chores such as repairs, moving furniture and shopping.

If somebody has Handy clean for them on a regular weekly basis, they may not even need spring cleaning next March.

Highland Capital Management: Making Waves In Investments

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. Over the course of two decades he led the firm to significant success. A big year for the fund was in 2000. The first thing that occurred was Highland Capital developing the fund’s very first total return strategy, which focused on distressed assets. Previously the firm had only concentrated on collateralized loan obligations and separate accounts. The second big move that Highland Capital and James Dondero made was establishing their first 2 bank loan separate accounts. These accounts were largely for big public pension plans in Canada and the United States. Highland provides a number of services to its clients including, emerging markets credit funds, ETFs, private equity funds, credit hedge funds, long or short equity funds and oil and gas funds.

The the firm has now grown to an enormous size, Jim Dondero started out his career in a small way, by just getting a degree. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia after receiving a degree in finance and accounting. Jim Dondero then went on to work for American Express as a corporate bond analyst and a portfolio manager. Over the course of his career, Jim got certified as a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

In a recent analysis of the fund’s 13F, Octa Finance published an article that covered some of the changes that Highland Capital Management had undergone during the third quarter of 2015. One of the aspects touched on in the article was the top 5 new buys that the fund had made over the course of the quarter. The fifth biggest buy was in Intra Cellular Therapies Inc, which nows represents .46 percent of the fund’s portfolio. Danaher Corp Del was the fourth biggest buy, sitting at .50 percent of the firm’s portfolio. Representing .52 percent of the fund’s portfolio is now Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc, which was the fund’s third biggest new buy. The second biggest new buy is Amazon Com Inc and it now shows .69 percent of the fund’s portfolio. The biggest new buy that Highland Capital made during the third quarter was Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr. This stock represents 1.96 percent of the company’s portfolio. The fund also had significant sector movement out of healthcare and finance.

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