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Uber Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets

After dealing with taxi drivers and regulators half way around the world, Uber must overcome a new obstacle: Theft.

One of the most successful start-ups in the world, with an estimated value of $ 40,000 million, is now the subject of a lawsuit for theft of trade secrets.

An entrepreneur named Kevin Halpern maintains that the chief executive officer (CEO) of Uber, Travis Kalanick, and co-founder Garrett Camp, stole the idea of ??creating a private car transport service.

Halpern, who filed a complaint in a San Francisco court, said he shared the details of the company that he was developing with Kalanick when both were working in nearby offices, in 2006.

“Kalanick was very good winning my confidence,” Halpern said in a video, posted on YouTube in which he explains the alleged appropriation of his idea. Halpern says he and Kalanick discussed “the huge business opportunity in the market of private transport, and he had no idea at the time”.

Uber denies the charges according to Skout.

Halpern “spent seven years developing technology that is at the base of the Uber application,” said his lawyer, Christopher Dolan, picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kristin Carvell, an Uber spokesman rejected the allegations. “They are completely without merit.” she said.

Uber was founded in 2009, with a value of US $ 2.5 billion.