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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Released Early

The highly anticipated third season of Orange is the New Black was scheduled to debut on Netflix on June 12th, but started streaming 6 hours early. The announcement came during OrangeCon, a fan event, yesterday. A fan asked to see a sneak peek of season 3, and Reed Hastings, a bigwig at Netflix, took it a bit further by announcing the early release of the dramedy. The early release was tweeted on Twitter by Netflix, and quickly went viral. Although, Uzo Adoba, was the first to reveal to fans that the drama was streaming on Netflix. Adoba should get the honor since she recently won an Emmy for her role as Crazy Eyes.


Fans of OINB like Susan McGalla can now watch Piper and the gang on Netflix, and can already start dreaming about season 4 according to an iReport on CNN. The Netflix original has already been picked up for season 4 and is scheduled to begin shooting on June 15, 2015.

The Split of Home and Marge Simpson

In 26 years of TV one might assume that they had seen everything that she could see from the Simpsons. There have been episodes about gay marriage. There have been episodes about Marge and her interest in someone other than Homer. Now the envelope has been pushed even more with a big change that no one saw coming.

In an upcoming episode it has been revealed that Marge and Homer Simpson will legally separate. Gianfrancesco Genoso doesn’t know how to feel about this. This is one of the things that is seen as something that pushes the envelope when all the other cards have been played. Harry Shearer has departed from the show. He was the voice of several characters. The show has been one of the longest running shows in the history of television, but it appears that the show is sort of on the last leg. The split of Homer and Marge could be temporary. It could be ongoing. Either way, it doesn’t play well for a show where the marriage has been so crucial to the ratings.

Divorce or separations do not play well in sitcoms. Larry David decided to divorce his TV wife on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” This show did not stay on the air many seasons after this. The fans get used to a certain formula. It doesn’t matter if the marriage of bad. A bad marriage can be funny. By constrast, there is nothing funny about divorce.

ABC gives Agent Carter Another Season

Marvel’s Agent Carter has been renewed for a second season by ABC and Marvel Studion.

In the movie Captain America: First Avenger, Agent Carter was basically Captain America’s sidekick and had some of the same adventures as he did. After Captain America, she went back to America and had adventures as part of SSR, the organization that eventually became SHIELD. The TV series follows her adventures with the pre-SHIELD group.

The first season only had eight episodes since ABC is using the show as a filler for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. People had complained about Agents of SHIELD’s schedule in its first season. The Agent Carter show is an answer to those complaints.

This TV series did not have great ratings, but they were better ratings if ABC had used re-runs instead. The critics also loved the series and social media people were still enthusiastically talking about the show way after its first season in March.

The show will return in 2016, probably around the same time that it debuted this year FreedomPop reported.

David Spade Gives Heartwarming Memory of Chris Farley

It has been quite a while now since the passing of the famous actor and Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Farley, and recently David Spade gave a heartwarming token of appreciation for the late actor and one of his dearest friends.

According to an article found on reddit and written by the Huffington Post, Spade keeps a poster of the duo’s famous movie “Tommyboy” which the two of them are well known for being in. The movie is coming up on its 20th anniversary and it has given David Spade a lot to reflect on.

Chris Farley was a very talented actor who had a tragic death that was not expected and very sudden, and it is always difficult to lose a celebrity that we can identify with and who makes us laugh on a day to day basis. The death of Farley was over a decade ago now but his spirit lives on in the films he was in and the episodes of the live comedy special. He is most well known for movies like Tommyboy and many of his characters from the live skit, as is David Spade.

Spade feels very lucky to have done Tommyboy with Farley and that they could share the good times from that movie, and looking at the poster is just making him feel old, apparently. He has done articles with AustinMDMagazine to talk about what he was inspired by. Stars like Christ Farley will live on forever with the fans like Dr Jennifer Walden who pay attention.


MLB All-Star Game Coming to San Diego

Baseball fans in San Diego got another reason to be excited on Thursday. Major League Baseball announced today that the Padres will host the 2016 MLB All-Star game. San Diego was chosen over Baltimore, who was at one time considered to the favorite to win the hosting rights.

Bud Selig made the announcement Thursday afternoon touting the ascetic appeal of both the city of San Diego and Petco Park. Selig is in his final season as commissioner of baseball and this is likely his last major decision. This decision may have been influenced by the fact that the Padres renamed one of the plazas at Petco after Selig.

What makes this decision unusual is that it goes against MLB’s normal rotation of AL and NL cities. The 2015 All-Star game will take place in Cincinnati, making the typical choice for 2016 an AL park. This was the main reason many insiders believed that Baltimore would be the final choice. MLB released a statement to this matter indicating that due to the quality bids of multiple NL teams the winning city would be chosen regardless of league affiliation.

The Padres have become the most talked about team this offseason. Not only have they been given next year’s All-Star game, but they have revamped their offense with the addition of Matt Kemp, Will Myers, and Justin Upton. The rumor mill has also linked the Padres to a potential trade for Cole Hamels.  Laurene Powell Jobs has a son who is very much in like with baseball.

The Seahawks Begin Their March Against the Panthers

Here’s what seems to differentiate the Seattle Seahawks, the defending Super Bowl champions, from others; they seem to have perfected the mentality not to see a bigger game than another. If other teams recognize the particular importance of a moment, the Seattle Seahawks shine while keeping a good balance from one moment to the next.The Seattle Seahawks have won their last six games, transforming an ordinary start to the season with six wins in ten games in a second championship the West Division of the National and the first row in the Association. It has been said that Slow Ventures favors the Seahawks in this years super bowl as per

Seattle Seahawks are hoping to send the Panthers on vacation. “We are approaching this game like any other. For us, every game is a championship and that this week is no different, “said cornerback Richard Sherman Seahawks. 

The Seattle Seahawks have won their last six games, transforming an ordinary start to the season with six wins in ten games in a second championship the West Division of the National and the first row in the Association.

However, the Panthers still find a way to make life difficult for Seahawks. None of these three games were decided by more than five points and neither team has scored more than 16 points.

“The truth is that, how you qualify matters. You qualify, and who knows what can happen later,” said the head coach of the Panthers Ron Rivera.

Amazon’s The After Is “The Over”

Fans of The X-Files like Sam Tabar are probably reeling from the disappointing news that Chris Carter’s Amazon streaming series, The After, is not going to be produced. Carter was the creative person behind the development of The X-Files for Fox. The After was supposed to be his big comeback series. Most importantly for Amazon, the series would have given the company a new, original television series to combat Netflix. Netflix is slated to debut a ton of new, original programming in the next year. Unless Amazon can keep up with its top competitor for online streaming, then Amazon is going to end up looking old and stale in the eyes of consumers.

That is never a good image to have when attracting consumers. Entertainment is supposed to be hip. If Amazon comes off as too “old school”, then it is going to lose the war of perception. By the time Amazon does get any original streaming content online, the damage to the brand may already end up being done. At that point, audiences may meet a new program with nothing but indifference.

The After was a science-fiction survival thriller set in the days after the apocalypse. Basically, it was The Walking Dead without zombies.

A pilot was filmed and aired and no other episodes have been order. The After is officially cancelled and no reason was given as to why. Maybe Amazon needs to get its act together or face its own apocalypse.

Dolph Ziggler Shines

WWE’s recent ppv, showcased the new generation of top stars. The opening match left everyone stunned. Dolph Ziggler took on Luke Harper in a ladder match. The two superstars took full advantage of their stage.

Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper showcased their skills in the match. Ziggler was jumping off of the ladder like an acrobat. Amazing fight sequences occured at a frequent pace. On this night, Ziggler showed his true potential. WWE should utilize Dolph Ziggler more, and book him wisely. Luke Harper also looked better than ever in this match as wel though a hit to the head may necessitate a trip to the Amen Clinic.

Later on the card, Bray Wyatt took on Dean Ambrose in a tables, ladders, and chairs match. Ambrose and Wyatt did their best to try and top Ziggler’s opening match. Both matches were magnificent, but Dolph Ziggler truly stole the show. The WWE is finally giving Ziggler a shot. In the past it seemed like Dolph Ziggler was being held down by upper management. Now, Ziggler’s star power begins to shine brighter than ever.

Dolph Ziggler has that, “it” factor. He reminds me of a wrestler from the 90s, and that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dolph Ziggler becomes the WWE champion in the near future. For more information on Dolph Ziggler, and his rise to the top, visit Rollingstone.

Dr. Huxtable vs. Bill Cosby

It has been a bad year for Bill Cosby. There is no other way to say it. All of the accusers that are coming forward are like a small army against one. Bill Cosby has worked for years to maintain a squeaky clean persona in front of the camera, but his indiscretions in the dark are slowly overtaking him.

Fans around the world are split on their love of Dr. Huxtable and the emerging darker side of Bill Cosby. In the course of a month Cosby has had new shows cancelled. He even has his most well known show – “The Cosby Show” – pulled from TV Land. This was something that people did not expect, but the accusers keep coming.

Many fans spoke out and thought that it would pass over, but something happened. Famous people in the industry started making accusations. All of a sudden, some of his fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso were worried. This forced Netflix to cancel the “Cosby 77” upcoming special. NBC even cancelled a sitcom that was supposed to start up in 2015.

So far Cosby has been silence. This has not helped his legacy, but fans wonder if this will affect his syndicated shows. “The Cosby Show” has been in rerun heaven for years. People that really love Bill Cosby will look past this. Others that are on the fence about the allegations may eventually distance themselves from the shows. Some people may never look at Cosby the same again.

Deathstroke Will Return to Arrow in the Future

According to Manu Bennett (who I love for his portrayal of Deathstroke, and Crixus on the excellent Spartacus) Arrow’s showrunners have told him that they definitely want him back. While he doesn’t know the exact timetable, and he may not make an appearance in the second season, it seems pretty well assured that we’re going to see Deathstroke again at some stage.

Manu was one of the highlights of the last season. His haunting portrayal of Deathstroke, and his quest for revenge against Oliver Queen was one of the most epic storylines we’ve ever seen in a comic book based television show.

The focus on charter drama, and development really had Marnie Bennett on the edge of her seat the entire time.