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Therapy For Intimate Issues Between Couples May Be Better Handled Online

Would you feel comfortable revealing the intimate details of your sex life with your partner to an online therapist?

That’s the question millions of couples are contemplating as they consider working out relationship issues, but don’t necessarily want to go to an office and sit across from a flesh-and-blood therapist.

In fact, studies show that many couples experiencing trouble in their relationship never seek help because they are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to discuss their problems with another person.

But a new cyber service called Talkspace offers an alternative. The online counseling service was launched in 2012 by Oren Frank along with his wife Roni Frank. Indeed, it was their own transformative experience in therapy that prompted the idea to create an app that would make it possible for anyone to get professional help at their fingertips.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

Doug and Lori (not their real names) are a young couple who had a good relationship but issues involving sex were beginning to create tension. Specifically, Lori was afraid to initiate lovemaking. Doug always had to be the initiator. For Lori, this was frustrating because she was never able to enjoy intimacy with her partner when she really wanted to. It was a problem for Doug because it heaped all responsibility for that aspect of their relationship on him.

Thus, they signed on to Talkspace and were immediately given the choice of three therapists with different kinds of qualifications. They choose one they felt comfortable with. The ball was rolling on their therapy within minutes.

Both Doug and Lori felt the back-and-forth through the Talkspace texting platform was smooth and seamless. Their therapists went right to the heart of the issue, asking key questions. She defined the problem and then offered advice based on her years of experience as a licensed marriage and couples counselor.

Doug and Lori felt confident they were in good hands because the Talkspace process allowed them to check on the credentials of their online therapist – and the end results were also very positive, they said. Doug and Lori came away from their Talkspace experience with a better, more open relationship. Visit:

Talkspace Reaching Out to More People than What Traditional Therapy Does

Mental health issues can change your life in ways more than one and for bad or the worse. One should take measures to take care of their mental health, and that includes sleeping well, eating well, exercising, and meditation as well. However, if nothing else and the negativity continue to surround you or if you are constantly burdened by the ghosts of the past or even present, then seeking professional therapy is highly recommended. One of the ways that people these days prefer to get therapy is online through the app named Talkspace that has more than a thousand professional therapists who would provide you therapy online via text, voice call, video call, or e-mail. They are experienced and licensed allowing them to provide the best care to their clients. Many of them work overtime to help their clients, and online therapy is also convenient for them allowing them to reach out to more people in less amount of time.

Talkspace has emerged as the leader in the domain of online therapy, and around half a million people have already successfully got therapy through it. Treatment for mental health doesn’t always have to cost thousands of dollars, and it is what Talkspace proves because it would cost just a fraction of what a traditional therapy costs. The signing up process at Talkspace is very easy, and all you need to do is download the app on your phone and provide some personal details and complete a questionnaire detailing the mental health issues you are facing. Once you complete the questionnaire, the system would automatically connect you with the therapist it feels is the right match for the problems you are facing. You even get the option to change the therapist you are matched with if you are not happy with the therapist you are matched with.

Many celebrities including Michael Phelps have promoted online therapy to the masses. Michael Phelps is the face of Talkspace and also appeared in its advertisement last summer. He wants to bring to the notice of the people that anyone, irrespective of the background, can suffer from depression.