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Colts Hire Frank Reich as New Head Coach

The Indianapolis Colts have chosen their newest head coach, former Buffalo Bills backup quarterback, Frank Reich. This decision comes on the heels of Josh McDaniels, the Patriots assistant that orally committed to taking the position, reneging on his decision to take the job at the last moment. This turn of events left the franchise scrambling to find a suitable replacement as quickly as possible, but the team’s front office feels they have found their man.

Reich was not a star in the league but he did have a 14-year career, which is long even by backup quarterback standards. Reich recently jokes that his tenure playing second fiddle to starters prepared him well to be the second choice by the team after McDaniels. Most recently, Reich worked as the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that beat McDaniel’s Patriots just ten days ago in the Super Bowl. Not only did he win the game, he ended up winning the job. The coaches’ role in developing the Eagle’s MVP candidate quarterback, Carson Wentz, is one of the primary reasons the Colts and other NFL teams had him on their short list for head coach.

Reich has been hired to replace the Colt’s former head coach, Chuck Pagano, who served in that position for six years. He was fired after another disappointing season in which the team failed to make the playoffs. To be fair, his term was hindered by the fact that Andrew Luck, the Colt’s all-pro quarterback, has been out much of the last few years with a litany of different injuries. There are questions about whether Luck will ever be what he once was.

Frank Reich was on the Colt’s original list of potential head coaching hires when the search started but wasn’t a finalist for the position. Ironically, his focus on defeating McDaniel’s team in the Super Bowl may be the reason he got the job. He told his agent not to schedule any interviews until after the playoffs so he could focus on making a game plan. The Colts interviewed Reich just a few days after Philadelphia won the Super Bowl and he got the job.