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The First Women’s Welding Class Graduates from a Prison Program in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Correction has launched a program in which soon-to-be-released prison female inmates were taught how to weld. Many people in Indiana lack the education to find themselves a good-paying job. Most prisoners return after being released due to the lack of a proper job to keep them out of the criminal world. With the new program, women inmates have a real chance of having a good start-up when returning back to freedom.

Ten inmates were the first ones to take up the program. They were taught all they need to know about welding. Those inmates have now graduated from the program with a renewed sense of hope about their future.

Inmates share that the welding was overwhelming for them at first. The women were able to learn eventually thanks to Ivy Tech, a school that partners with the Indiana Department of Correction.

After an 80-hour welding course, there was a graduation ceremony in which the inmates delivered speeches of hope and gratefulness for the given chance. Some of those women were in jail for dealing drugs for money. Now they are glad that they will be able to provide themselves and their families with a stable salary to cover their bills.

“I just want them to see that people make mistakes and that it shouldn’t define them, and that they can be a better person, and that I love them and do anything I can for them,” said Brackett, one of the graduates whose children attender her graduation ceremony.