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Couple Decides To Get Married At Bonnaroo Festival

Many people are getting married in different places these days, and some places are unbelievable. There was a festival called Bonnaroo, and a couple decided that they would get married at the festival. In the pictures that are available on MTV News, you can see the couple kiss, and they are standing right beside a water fountain that’s big enough to hold people underneath it. Wedding At A Music Festival. The picture is very festive and beautiful, but who would really get married at a music festival?

People are getting married in different places these days, and former Hawks owner Bruce Levenson informs us that it’s not always traditional. A couple decided to get married at Taylor Swift’s concert in Philadelphia recently, and they may have made the best choice. Taylor Swift decided to meet the couple behind stage after her mother brought the couple to Taylor’s attention. Although this is one of the best days of their life, it just seems weird to get married in the parking lot of a stadium.

It could be a lot of fun to get married at a festival or even in a parking lot, but many are still down for a traditional wedding. Those who want to do something different, they’ll have something to pass down to their kids and their grandkids after all is said and done. It might be fun to be able to tell your kids that you listened to some great music from different bands while you got married.