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The Retired Veteran James Reese- Successful CEO of Tigerswan

“james reese tigerswan” “james reese tigerswan”James Reese Biography

James Reese served for 25 years in the US Army. He retired from the army in 2007. His position was the combat leader, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. Having this experience he has learned the following leadership lessons: 1. Be a good listener.2. Accept the change and be a loyal follower.

Reese’s Business

James Reese is now a CEO of a small business, called TigerSwan, serviced and disabled veteran-owned. Because of his background, he has embraced a new form of mentality. He understands that it is his responsibility to be accountable for caring a burden of the workers who have bills, children, and college students. At the same time, he feels great to have the freedom of being able to form something that grows well.

Running a Business

It is a struggle for many veterans to adopt new economic opportunities. Reese himself is 80% disables veteran. He was motivated to start his own business. James Reese and his colleague decided to start the business using their capital. They were selected by the SDVOSB for a major defense contractor. His company, TigerSwan is majorly owned by disabled veterans. His major focus was to provide job opportunities for veterans like himself.

Growing The Tigerswan Business

James Reese took the profit of his investment and reinvested into a sharp and motivated mind type of people to improve the growth of the business. When he was in the military he did not have to select high performers or worry about his bills as it was all taken care of by the military for him. He just had to lead. Now, in his own business, Tigerswan, he faced a challenge of having to select the best workers, which means he would have to pay them more. He had to take budget into consideration as he hired as well as finding good employees. And this is the strategic part of a business. For other positions he would keep an eye on talented workers as well as entry-level experienced, he would then develop them into leaders. Developing and training people is difficult but Reese finds it very enjoyable.

Tigerswan Effective Workforce

Reese finds himself being a servant leader for he has served. He feels great to help others by developing their skills and helping them reach further than they have been, being veterans. His is business structured to allow their people to make mistakes to learn from them. They also do not micromanage but expect the top effort of each employee. Reese says that working at Tigerswan is not for everyone, he wants high performers. Reese is happy with his team. He is very proud of having Former Military Law-Enforcement personnel in his company.

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Paul Herdsman’s Decision

Paul Herdsman has many years of experience working with such things as customer acquisition, customer retention, business development and growth, marketing and sales growth, and operational execution. For several of these years, he worked in management for a number of different companies. During these years he developed a great talent for streamlining customer services. By 2013 he was doing this streamlining for company clients in India, the Philippines, The Dominican Republic, Honduras, and throughout the U.S.

At that time it was still a side gig, but he eventually decided to start NICE so he could do it full time. He deciding to make it nearshore which means it is just outside of U.S. jurisdiction but close enough that the heads of his client companies can easily come over in just one day to visit NICE. He decided its headquarters would be based in Montego Bay, Jamaica where it remains today. This experience has helped him much as the co-founder and COO of the Jamaican-based customer service solutions company, NICE Global. Its client companies have found that NICE excels at improving customer retention, lowering overhead costs, improving customer engagement, and enabling higher revenue. Herdsman is also very employee-relations conscious.

Paul Herdsman is the reason NICE is considered one of the best places to work. He has led the company to constantly reward hard work and dedication to constantly improving one’s work. This is has a number of highly motivating incentive-based programs. Herdsman knows that a happy team is key to a company being successful.

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Doe Deere: Resetting Old Trends

Doe Deere, founder of Poppy Angeloff has been resetting old trends for modern aged girls through jewelry. The inspiration for her unique jewelry was sparked when she first set eyes on her family heirlooms and developed a fascination with them. Her fascination was cultivated into a company due to her sister who showed her that her fascination was not just merely that, but an idea that could become reality. After months of tireless research and planning, Mrs. Deere decided that she would produce heirloom-quality, vintage jewelry that are affordable, and chic. Before this business venture, Doe was known for being the founder of the makeup brand, Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Lime Crime Cosmetics had begun as a small brand, fashion line in which Doe would reconstruct or sew new clothing from scratch. Not having much of an income to support this newly launched business, Doe often had to model the clothing for sale instead of hiring actual models. Lime Crime was known for its very vibrant and flashy colors that rung with rebellious, teenage vibes. The transition from clothing to cosmetics did not change Mrs. Deere’s style, and soon her products created an almost cult-like fanbase. Because of the rarity of the cosmetics brand, it took Mrs. Deere and her husband sometime before discovering a manufacturer willing to take the risk on a start-up company. However, the products created sold out in one week, and from there on the couple held the company for ten years before it was sold.

Mrs. Deere has become an icon for many young entrepreneurs who have ideas they wish to impact the world. Doe has inspired young girls to be satisfied with their colorful personalities and embrace it. However, the motivating force behind her work is her passion for vibrant colors. In Doe’s point of view, color directly represents emotion and is a powerful tool for expressing oneself. She believes that smiling is contagious, and when a person views a beautiful shade, the resulting smile might reach others around the globe.

Why Mike Nirenberg star continues to rise

One of the most famous names concerning investment is Mike Nirenberg. This is an investment guru who has made a name out of investment and continues to exploit new opportunities. If you have been following him, you know that he believes in making money through wise investments. How heads a company that invests in real estate, and has always been looking for opportunities to make more money from his projects. His company is called New Residential Investment Corporation and is headquartered in New York. Through this company, mike has been advising people o the best investment opportunities based on their location and season.

Mortgage loans

Mike Nirenberg knows how to make money by leveraging on mortgage loans. He educates his followers on the best ways to make money through these loans. In addition to that, he knows how to get the best loans because he has been in the real estate industry for a long term Over the years, he has established contacts that help him to identify the best mortgage lenders and the best locations to invest the money that he gets through these loans.

Passive income

According to Mike Nirenberg, there is no better way to make money than through passive income. Although he also loves one-off projects, he often tells his audiences to find ways through which they can earn passive income. He says that the real estate industry is one of the best ways through which people can make recurring income without having to work every day. He has proven this theory through his investments and his company, and therefore, his followers have something to look up to when they want to invest.

Mike Nirenberg also believes that the real estate industry is still growing, and many opportunities have not been exploited. He believes that his followers should focus on some of the markets that are still unchartered because that is where the money is. Additionally, he says that people should shift from the tradition investment methods and try new ideas that are likely to earn them more profits without having to go through the difficult situations that most investors experience.

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Mexico Gains Recognition In Business World Thanks To Omar Yunes

For the first time ever, Mexico held their own small scale version of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. They wanted to be able to send their countries very best and most successful Franchisee so that they could show the world what they have to offer the international business world. Generally, competitors are judged on a huge variety of factors that essentially determine how successful a business will and can be. For example, they are judged on things like new programs, employee encouragement, employee happiness, implementation of new programs, and successful customer relationships. In Mexico’s case, they were able to name both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer the two best Franchisees in Mexico. Therefore, these two men were sent to compete in the real international event.

The international event took place in Florence, Italy and people from countries like Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, and Hungary were just some of the competitors and guests. People are not only recognized for their own individual success but they also attend to gain knowledge and spread their own knowledge in the industry so that other people can implement these strategies into their own businesses.

Omar Yunes is Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese style restaurant located in and throughout Mexico. Omar Yunes first became Franchisee of Sushi Itto at they very young age of 21. Since then, he has successfully expanded into 13 units all across Mexico and into different cities in the region. CEO of Sushi Itto and judged of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition both agreed that the relationship Yunes has with his Franchise is very unique. He completely transformed the traditional role a franchisee plays in the business world while still remaining professional. They even commented on how he has drastically improved customer service relations over the years.

The other representative from Mexico was Ivan Tamer. Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex, which is a small network of Pawnshops also located in Mexico. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the sales program he created and implanted in order to increase revenue.

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