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Indiana Pacers Easily Defeat Sacramento Kings

The Indiana Pacers celebrated Halloween by hosting the Sacramento Kings in their seventh game of the 2017-18 NBA season. While the Pacers have not been playing well early in the season, they were still able to take advantage of the young Sacramento roster on the way to an easy 101-83 victory.

While these two teams play in separate conferences, it was still an intriguing matchup because the Bogdanovic brothers were playing each other for the first time in the young NBA careers. Bojan Bogdanovic and the Pacers got off to a great start at Bankers Life Fieldhouse by using a balanced scoring attack and excellent defense to dominate the Kings. The Pacers went into the locker room with a 25-point lead at halftime.

The big early lead allowed the Pacers to rest most of their starters in the second half. The biggest difference in the game was the scoring discrepancy from behind the three-point line. Indiana hit 12 shots from behind the arc while the Kings only managed to make two three-pointers in the entire game. The Pacers also won the battle of the Bogdanovic brothers. Bojan led Indiana in scoring with 17 points while his brother only managed seven points for Sacramento.

The Indiana Pacers have now won four of their first seven games. They will head out on the road to play the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, November 1. Back-to-back games are usually tough on NBA teams, but the Indiana starting lineup should be well rested after seeing limited playing time on Tuesday.

Colts Work Out Multiple Quarterbacks

The quarterback was supposed to be the most stable position for the Indianapolis Colts, but that has not been the case during the 2017 season due to Andrew Luck’s lingering shoulder injury. Luck has failed to practice all season, and the Colts have very little incentive to play him if he does get healthy this year. Luck’s return looks even more unlikely with the Colts bringing in four quarterbacks for a workout today.

The four quarterbacks that were seen working out in Indianapolis today were Matt McGloin, Connor Shaw, Josh Johnson and Matt Barkley. While they all have some minor experience in the NFL, none of them have been very successful when given an opportunity to start. Josh Johnson is the most intriguing player on this list because of his ability to create plays outside of the pocket, but he is winless in five career NFL starts.

This is a key sign that the organization is not expecting anything from Andrew Luck this season. There is simply no reason to bring in another quarterback if Luck is going to return in the near future. While Jacoby Brissett has performed adequately as the starting quarterback this season, he has taken a lot of hits recently. Brissett has been sacked a total of 14 times in the last two games. The Indianapolis Colts know that they are one big hit away from only having Scott Tolzien as their only healthy quarterback on the roster, so they are preemptively preparing for a worst case scenario with the workout today.

Indiana Pacers Pull Off Upset Over Cleveland Cavaliers

The Indiana Pacers traveled to Cleveland yesterday to face the defending Eastern Conference champions one day after easily defeating the Sacramento Kings at home. Playing an extremely talented team on short rest put the Pacers at a severe disadvantage, but they did not let that stop them from pulling off their most impressive victory of the 2017-18 NBA season.

Indiana and Cleveland were both in sync at the beginning of the game. The Pacers used a balanced offensive attack that saw all five starters hitting key shots. Cleveland was forced to primarily rely on LeBron James and Derrick Rose, but they were still able to keep the game close. The Indiana Pacers entered halftime leading 62-61.

Most teams playing their second straight game tend to struggle late in the game, but the Pacers showed absolutely no signs of fatigue. The two teams traded baskets at the start of the second half, but the Pacers took the lead for good after hitting a series of three-pointers halfway through the third quarter. The Cavaliers simply had no answer for the unselfish offense of the Pacers. All five starters for the Indiana Pacers scored at least 15 points, which helped them secure a 124-107 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The win yesterday puts the Pacers at the top of the Central Division after playing eight games. They are also only one game behind the Boston Celtics for the top spot in the Eastern Conference. The Indiana Pacers will return to action on November 3 when they go on the road to face the Philadelphia 76ers.

Pacers Pull Off Victory Over Orlando Magic

After getting off to a terrible start to the season, the Indiana Pacers have been playing great basketball over the last few weeks. The Pacers have been carried by their excellent offense during the recent hot stretch, and that was no different last night when they defeated the Orlando Magic 121-109.

Indiana’s desire to put on an excellent show for their fans helped them get off to a hot start last night. They quickly amassed a eight-point lead after scoring 33 points in the first quarter. The offense cooled off a little bit in the second quarter, but the Magic were unable to capitalize thanks to the excellent defense of the Pacers.

Jonathon Simmons of the Orlando Magic was nearly unstoppable early in the second half. His excellent shooting display cut Indiana’s lead to only one point at the end of the third quarter. With the game on the line in the fourth quarter, Victor Oladipo and the rest of the Indiana offense rose to the occasion. They put up 36 points in the final 12 minutes to put the game out of reach. Oladipo ultimately led the team in scoring with 26 points. Three other members of the team also tallied at least 18 points.

The Pacers now hold a 12-9 record this season. They will travel to Houston to face the James Harden and the Rockets on Wednesday, November 29. Pulling off a win over the top team in the Western Conference would be the perfect way for the Pacers to prove they are serious contenders this season.

Michel Terpins: The Future Of Brazilian Rally Driving

Brazil is known as one of the most sport-loving countries in the world. In addition to soccer, the South American nation is known to have vibrant participation in a raft of sports, including motorsports. For an athlete to make it in such a competitive country, one has to be truly extraordinary – as is the case with Michel Terpins. Now aged 40, Terpins has in the last few years grown to become one of the best performing rally drivers in Brazil. Going forward, many in the industry see Michel Terpins as being one of the drivers to set the pace in the Brazilian motorsport industry.

Much of Michel Terpins’ rally success has come during the highly acclaimed annual Bull Sertoes Rally. He first participated in the rally in 2002 albeit in the motorcycle category. While he was quite a skilled motorcycle rider, he soon after decided to change tact and start racing as a car driver. He has since gone on to master the T1 prototype category, in which he has raced in the last few editions of the Bull Sertoes Rally. His dominance of the category in recent years has greatly been helped by the customized T-Rex that he drives. The burly car was developed by MEM Motorsport and offers Michel Terpins the perfect combination of speed, durability, and power.

As with any other successful rally driver, Michel Terpins owes a great deal of appreciation to his co-driver, Maykel Justo. The experienced navigator has been working with Terpins for the last two Bull Sertoes rallies, which by no coincidence also happen to be the best editions for Terpins. Many commentators attributed Michel Terpins’ win in the 2017 edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally to the smooth run over the dreaded marathon section. Making through this section requires top-notch navigational nous, not just driving skills.

Michel Terpins shares his strong passion for racing with his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins. Also a rally driver himself, Rodrigo Terpins has taken part in a few editions of the Bull Sertoes Rally. The two race under a collective known as the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Nahziah Carter Decides Against IU

During the 2016-17 NCAA men’s basketball season, the Indiana Hoosiers were one of the more disappointing teams. After finishing strong the prior year and making a run in the NCAA tournament, the Hoosiers finished with a record of 18 and 16, including 7 and 11 in the Big Ten. This ultimately was good for 9th place in the conference, which was not enough to qualify for postseason play.


To make matters worst, the team also is losing several players to either graduation of the NBA Draft. In order to develop the team and grow for the future, the Hoosiers need to be able to recruit. While the team has made some progress this year in recruiting, it appears that they will lose at least one of their key targets for their 2018 draft class. After a tough recruiting process, the Hoosiers ended up losing Nahziah Carter to the University of Washington (


Nahziah Carter was one of the higher rated targets for the Hoosier’s draft class. He was considered a three-star player, but had a playing style that would make him fit will in the team’s rotation in a couple of years. Nahziah Carter was also highly sought after by a number of other schools as well. He originally signed to play with the University of Dayton, but opted to rescind his commitment after he started receiving more interest from the more major programs.


While Nahziah Carter has opted to go to the University of Washington, the Hoosiers still have plenty of other recruits to look forward to. The Hoosiers are considered to have one of the top 25 recruiting classes for the next two years and also one of the top three in the conference. The Hoosiers also had several freshman and sophomores last season that made a big impact on the team. While they have lost some talent, there should be enough depth to allow the team to make a run in the coming year.


Colts Continue to Fight for Playoffs

Heading into the 2016 NFL Season, one team in the league that was expected to take a major step forward were the Indianapolis Colts. While the Colts have been competitive all season long, a recent news article ( points out that their chances of making the playoffs have been hurt by a recent loss.


In 2015, the Colts ended up finishing with a record of 8 wins and 8 losses, which was good for second place in their division, but not good enough to make the playoffs. While the Colts missed the playoffs, there was plenty of reason for optimism heading into this year. For starters, the Colts would once again have star quarterback Andrew Luck. In 2015, he was limited to play in just 7 of the team’s 16 games. Furthermore, the team focused heavily on improving its defense to make them more competitive.


Thus far, the season has been full of ups and downs. The season took a major hit this past Sunday when the Colts lost to the visiting Houston Texans. Not only did the Colts fall to a game behind the Texans in the divisional rankings, but they have lost their edge in a potential tie-breaking scenario with the team. However, the Colts still have a chance to make the playoffs if they can win their next three games, each of which is winnable. Furthermore, quarterback Andrew Luck and receiver TY Hilton have shown continued development, which will make them a force if the team makes the playoffs.


Colts Prepare for Vikings

Before the start of the 2016 NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts looked like they could be the top team in the AFC South Division and even compete for a spot in the Super Bowl. Much of the excitement was due to the continued improvement and success of Andrew Luck and TY Hilton, two of the top young players in the league.


While there has been a lot of excitement about the Colts, they have not quite met the level of expectations some set. With three weeks left in the regular season, the Colts are one game behind the Houston Texans in the division. The Colts have also lost to the Texans twice, which means they will not be able to win the tie-breaker if it comes down to it.


Ultimately, the Colts will need to win their next three games to make the playoffs. They will start their playoff goal this week against the Minnesota Vikings. Recent pregame predictions ( believe that the game will be a good one and the Colts have a good chance of winning.


The Vikings are in a similar situation as the Colts in that they are a game away from making the playoffs. The Vikings are still fighting to win the division, but will likely have to make the playoffs as a wild card team. The Vikings and Colts have an interesting matchup in which the Colts strong offense will be up against the tough Minnesota defense, which has consistently shown the ability to stop top quarterbacks.


Pacers Continue to Try for Playoffs

Heading into the 2015-16 NBA season, the Indiana Pacers were considered by some to be a team that could compete for one of the top spots in the conference playoffs. However, through the first quarter of the season, the Pacers have not done as well as some would have expected (

After 27 games, the Pacers have 13 wins and 14 losses, which is good for ninth place in the Easter Conference. One of the primary reasons for the anticipation for the Pacers was due to the improved performance that the team had last year when they finished 7th in the conference. One of the biggest surprises in the NBA last year was the return of Paul George, who came back for his first full season following a very hard injury the year before.

This season, George is continuing to be a top player in the league and the team’s top scorer with a per game average of 22 points. What has been the most frustrating part for Pacer fans so far is the teams inconsistency and tendency to play down to the competition. In the past few weeks they beat the LA Clippers twice, who are one of the top teams in the league. However, after winning those games, the Clippers have lost several games to teams that likely wont make the playoffs. While they have not played very well over the past few weeks, there is a lot of time left and the Pacers will continue to work to make the postseason.

Why College Football Teams are Playing More Offensively

In the past two seasons, it has been noted that college football teams are scoring an average of 40 points per game. In 2016, eight rounds have already been completed with 19 teams averaging more than 40 points every game. Five games have yielded 80 points, which clearly shows that college football teams are attacking more. This trend has been led by the famous Big 12 conference, which emphasizes on up-tempo offenses, leaky sieve defenses, and high octane play.

The number of touchdowns experienced so far is impressive. This has increased excitement with more fans attending the games than previous years. Texas Tech for instance, has scored more than 80 points in three instances this season alone. With regard to this information, questions have been raised within the gaming community about bettor’s winning prospects. Home teams are currently averaging 48.6 points every game. This is something that bettors ought to take note of.

The In-Form Team

Washington Huskies is emerging as a force to reckon with in the league. The fifth-ranked team remains unbeaten, and has recorded impressive victories over Oregon and Stanford. The team is looking to land a desirable spot during the 2016 postseason. The team will host Oregon in the next few weeks. This game has already accumulated 55 points. The team’s quarterback, Jack Browning is listed at 8/1 to walk away with the Heisman Trophy. This means that fans shouldn’t be surprised if the team runs up its tally in a bid to help its star player beat Louisville’s Lamar Jackson to the trophy.


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