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Following Trends Can Transform Your MLB Betting Fun into an Investment Opportunity

If you’ve been wagering against the MLB odds, you may have bet on games just for you’re own personal gratification. But, applying a few guidelines to your methods can turn what was a haphazard system into a potentially lucrative investment.


Granted, you might not get rich in an instant, but if you follow these subtle suggestions, you can take an entertaining hobby and transform it into an investment opportunity that will still be fun, while earning you money.


Dominance Factor


You should research dominant trends for team matchups first. Set yourself up a nice spreadsheet, or make three columns on a sheet of paper. Column one should have a list of situations showing team dominance, column two listing clear pitcher dominance and a third column noting each team’s current winning streak.


Team Dominance


Go back for at least three seasons and see what the records are for any two teams on the daily schedule. Look for overwhelming situations that are unique to which team is playing at home. Often strange trends develop in baseball where one team dominates another team at their home ballpark.


This is the first step in setting up a daily list of viable wagers. List situations where you see that one team clearly displays a prevailing advantage over their opponent. Always write in the winning percentage against the team they are playing at least the last three seasons.


Remember to keep your focus on the home team. Sometimes home and away numbers will be vastly different. Rank this data from the highest winning percentage, down to the least.


Pitcher Dominance


You now have a series of games that should show a trend. To improve your chances, the next column will include the pitcher statistical history against the team. Check the career match up history for the probable starter of the dominant team first.


List won/loss statistics for both starting pitchers to make certain you are not betting against a pitching dominance situation that cancels the team advantage. If you find a correlation between team dominance and pitcher dominance, put a checkmark next to this game. These are the baseball games that have the highest probability of maintaining a trend.


Recent Dominance


The last column will cancel situations where basic common sense might override a dominant trend. Be aware that series sweeps in baseball are rare. If, you see situations where the dominant team is looking to continue that domination by sweeping the final game of a series, use caution. But, on the other side of the coin is the idea that a team that customarily dominates a series may be trying to avoid a sweep. Note those situations in your third column and especially take advantage of the latter example.
Baseball is full of situational match ups, where team and pitcher dominance combined can be very indicative of the outcome. Look for dominant trends and try to spot subtle combinations. You’ll be able to gain a nightly advantage betting against the MLB odds and turn your fun hobby into a lucrative investment opportunity.

Fort Wayne Tincaps Open Up Season

While the Major League Baseball season has been underway for a week or so now, the minor league teams are finally ready to play ball! The Fort Wayne Tincaps, winner of the Midwest League’s Eastern Division title last season, are back and ready for action opening up the season on the road against the Lake County Captains. The Tincaps have solid roots in the Fort Wayne area, coming to the city in 1993 under their original name of the Fort Wayne Wizards (they switched their nickname to the Tincaps in 2009 to coincide with their new stadium). An affiliate of the notoriously prospect-heavy San Diego Padres, the Tincaps will boast one of the more exciting rosters in minor league baseball.

For Tincaps fans who can not wait to make it to Parkview Field to catch a game, I’ve got good news: the wait will not be long! The Captains come to Fort Wayne to take on the Tincaps on April 7th in what will be the home opener. To coincide with the excitement of a new season the Tincaps will be hosting a fireworks show during the postgame festivities. Minor League baseball is an environment like none else in the professional sporting world, and the Tincaps have done a spectacular job turning Parkview Field into an affordable and family friendly environment. Baseball is back, and spring is coming — so get out there and go cheer on the Tincaps as they try and bring back a Midwest League championship for the first time since their last win in 2009.

Pacers Continue Playoff Push

Heading into the 2017 NBA season, most people did not expect much out of the Indiana Pacers. The prior season, the Pacers ended up finishing seventh in the conference and lost in the first round of the playoffs. At the end of the season, they ended up trading their star player, Paul George, to the Oklahoma City Thunder out of fear of losing him in free agency.

Due to the loss of Paul George, most expected that the Pacers would take a step back this season. However, they have been extremely good and actually look much better than they did the prior year. This trend continued is past week as the Pacers continued to position themselves well for the playoffs and surprise people all over the league (

As the regular season of the NBA comes to close, the Pacers look well positioned for a deep playoff run. They are currently the number 5 seed in the Eastern Conference and will likely hold this position. This means they will probably end up facing either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the playoffs. In either situation, the team could be in a good position as they have looked very cohesive and impressive as of late.

One of the main reasons why the Pacers will continue to perform well is due to Victor Oladipo. The Pacers ended up acquiring him during the trade that included Paul George. Since joining the Pacers, Oladipo has been one of the to players in the league.

Michel Terpins’s Accolades at the Rallies

Michel Terpins was part of the motorcycle rally sports division since 2002. It was his first time to participate in the car racing category in 2004 where he joined his big brother, who at that time is already making a name for himself in the car rally sports.

After he entered the car racing division in 2004, he continued to persevere in the sports that he hope will bring him international fame as an excellent rally driver. And because of his patience and hard work, he is now known to be one of the best rally drivers in Brazil, who won several competitions where he came out to be the winner.

In 2015, Michel Terpins formed a duo with his brother and together they were able to attract the attention of people across Brazil to support the rally sports. Michel is part of the Bull Sertoes Rally team that is one of the most prominent rallies driving team in the country as of the present. With his passion for rally racing, Michel Terpins created a competition, which his team sponsored – and the said rally competition is the Sertoes Rally. The Sertoes Rally competition entices many rally racing drivers internationally.

Michel Terpins won the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally that ranked him number 5 within the whole series of the race. He likewise took part in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes, but he did not make it because his vehicle broke down during the final leg of the race.

After he acquired the T-Rex model car, Michel Terpins was able to place himself in the top positions of most competitions. He has been driving the T-Rex for some years now, and the vehicle is considered one of the best in the entire race. It is equipped with a V8 engine and is designed by the MEM Motorsport.

Currently, Michel Terpins is one of the best rally drivers in Brazil who managed to win several competitions and stand up on the podium. He was able to make a name for himself in the country’s racing circuit that primarily enticed fans to watch the skillful driving abilities of the drivers within the competition.

Michel Terpins shares his insights on the beauty of rallying.

For a country that lives and breathes sports, it is only fit that they produce some of the best rally drivers in the world. Brazil has been known for producing legendary football players but what most may not be aware of is the quality of rally drivers that the country has. Being such a large country and with an equally huge population, it takes quite a lot of skill to be considered a champion and remain one over the long term. The amount of training and consistency needed for one to become a professional driver without even achieving anything more is simply incredible and it thus goes to tell what it takes and entails to walk from one sport where you were champion and join another and become champion. The above achievements have been a reality for one of Brazil’s best; Michel Terpins. Michel Son Of Jacko Terpins is not your average archiver but someone who has been able to move his success from one sport to another. As a young man, he always aspired to achieve the level of sports excellence that his father had achieved. He knew that in whatever field he went into the expectations would be as high and his father’s achievements would be used as a benchmark for him whether he agreed with it or not. It is this understanding that saw his aim to be a high achiever. He went on to join the cross country a sport that was quite challenging even to qualify to become a competitor his determination would see him rise through the ranks and soon enough he was among the most recognizable elite riders. His start had already started to shine, and this would push to want and do more, and he eventually became the champion being able to win races back to back. He would then retire from cross country opting to become a rally driver. The transition would prove not to be a simple as he had anticipated but thanks to a supportive brother who was already doing well in the same he was able to fast track his transition.

2021 NBA All-Star Game Will Be in Indiana

NBA fans in the state of Indiana have not had a lot to get excited about in recent years. However, that is set to change. It was just announced that the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis will host its first NBA All-Star game in 2021. There had been rumors circulating for quite some time that Indiana might be awarded the All-Star game from the NBA. However, nothing was made official until recently. It has been a very long time since Indiana last hosted an NBA All-Star game. That was way back in 1985 when it was held in the old Hoosier Dome.

The Indiana Pacers have played very well this season. They have been one of the surprise stories in the NBA. So NBA fans in Indiana can feel good for two reasons. It is a very big deal for a city to be awarded the All-Star game in a major sport. It creates a big boost for the local economy in the weeks leading up to the event. Local restaurants and hotels can benefit greatly from all the additional people coming to town. Unfortunately, 2012 is still a very long time from now.

The governor of Indiana and the mayor of Indianapolis both said a few weeks ago that they were hopeful about the NBA All-Star game being awarded to the city. However, both were cautiously optimistic when they were asked if they thought it would really happen. Both said there are a lot of politics involved in that sort of decision.

Indianapolis to Host 2021 NBA All-Star Game

Indianapolis has developed a reputation for being one of the best cities in the Midwest to host big sporting events. The city did an excellent job with the Super Bowl in 2012 and the Final Four in 2015. The attendance records set two years ago helped Indianapolis land another Final Four in 2021. City officials just learned today that they will be hosting another huge event that same year. The NBA has officially announced that the 2021 All-Star game will be held in Indianapolis.

This will be the first time that the Indiana Pacers get to host the NBA All-Star game since 1985. Many experts expected the prestigious game to get awarded to the city of Cleveland, but the NBA clearly wanted to reward the passionate Pacers fans. The beautiful new renovations to Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the city’s reputation as an excellent event destination certainly did not hurt either.

The Pacers front office worked tirelessly over the last few years to get this honor. The team sent several members of staff to the All-Star games in Toronto and New Orleans the last two years to improve their pitch to the NBA. They also had Larry Bird officially announce the Pacers’ desire to host the game by driving a race car to the NBA headquarters earlier this year.

The exact date of the game has not been announced, but the NBA traditionally holds the All-Star game in mid-February. In addition to the game, Indianapolis will also get to host the celebrity game, dunk contest and several other exciting events during the same weekend.

Former Pacers Star Paul George to Make Indiana Return

Paul George is one of the best players in NBA. The Indiana Pacers chose him in the first round in the 2010 NBA draft. His game has improved by leaps and bounds. However, seven seasons playing for the Indiana team was enough to make George ask for a trade. His request was granted and he was sent to the Oklahoma City Thunder before the start of this season. He will now play in Indiana for the first time since he was traded. His return to the Bankers Life Fieldhouse is sure to be an emotional one for George and the fans that once cheered for him. He will now be wearing the colors of the enemy. It is for that reason that George believes he will be booed when he walks onto the court. It remains to be seen if that will be the case.

Paul George’s return to Indiana has been talked about ever since his trade to Oklahoma City was announced. It is no surprise that the game has been sold out for months. Tickets are going for high prices on the secondary market. Some people believe that George will be cheered during the introductions at the start of the game. However, it is expected that he will be booed once the game gets underway. Pacer fans are usually fairly respectful to former players who come back to Indiana for the first time. They will most likely give George the respect he deserves for being a great player for so long.

Pacers Lose Tight Game Against Thunder

Today was definitely an emotional day for the Indiana Pacers and their fans. Paul George returned to Indianapolis for the first time since getting traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the off-season. The surreal feeling of seeing George in an opposing jersey for the first time was only made worse when the Pacers lost an extremely tight game to the Thunder.

The emotional game started off great for Indiana. They rode the solid play of Victor Oladipo to a five-point lead at the end of the first quarter. George stepped up his defense on Oladipo in the second quarter, which helped the Thunder secure a five-point lead at halftime. A fairly even third quarter gave both teams a chance to win the game heading into the fourth quarter.

The Pacers were down 11 points with only five minutes remaining, but a late surge made it a one-point game with 40 seconds left. Indiana got the defensive stop the needed in the final seconds, but Oklahoma City got two offensive rebounds before getting a tip-in basket. Paul George sealed the victory with a key steal before the Pacers could get up the potential game-tying shot. The Oklahoma City Thunder ultimately got a 100-95 victory after George made two late free throws.

The Pacers did a good job of shutting down their former superstar on the offensive side of the ball, but they simply had no answers for his excellent defense. Indiana will have a 16-10 record when they host the Detroit Pistons on December 15.

George to Play First Game in Indiana Since Trade

Oklahoma City Forward and former Pacers star, Paul George, will be making his first return to Indianapolis since he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder during the offseason. Despite the fact that he was traded, George is not expecting a warm welcome from his former hometown fans due to his acrimonious split with the team.

Halfway through last season, George informed the team that he didn’t plan to remain with them for the rest of his career. Disappointed, the team began to shop him around to other teams in a possible trade scenario. George publicly asking to be traded diminished his value on the trade market because opposing franchises knew that the Pacers had to get rid of him, leading to a deal with Oklahoma City that many experts thought was well below market value for the Pacers.

George spent seven seasons in Indiana, leading the team to two Eastern Conference Finals. He averaged 18.2 points a game along with just over six rebounds and three assists per game during his time as a Pacer. He is certainly the most successful player to wear that uniform since Reggie Miller. George was one of the most popular players in the history of the franchise.

Despite his popularity and success with the team, George and his Thunder teammates do not expect a warm welcome when they take the court in Indianapolis on Wednesday. The Pacers fanbase is loyal to their team and the fans will be sure to let number 13 know that he is no longer welcome. It will interesting to see how both teams perform in this homecoming for the four-time All-Star.