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Nahziah Carter Decides Against IU

During the 2016-17 NCAA men’s basketball season, the Indiana Hoosiers were one of the more disappointing teams. After finishing strong the prior year and making a run in the NCAA tournament, the Hoosiers finished with a record of 18 and 16, including 7 and 11 in the Big Ten. This ultimately was good for 9th place in the conference, which was not enough to qualify for postseason play.


To make matters worst, the team also is losing several players to either graduation of the NBA Draft. In order to develop the team and grow for the future, the Hoosiers need to be able to recruit. While the team has made some progress this year in recruiting, it appears that they will lose at least one of their key targets for their 2018 draft class. After a tough recruiting process, the Hoosiers ended up losing Nahziah Carter to the University of Washington (


Nahziah Carter was one of the higher rated targets for the Hoosier’s draft class. He was considered a three-star player, but had a playing style that would make him fit will in the team’s rotation in a couple of years. Nahziah Carter was also highly sought after by a number of other schools as well. He originally signed to play with the University of Dayton, but opted to rescind his commitment after he started receiving more interest from the more major programs.


While Nahziah Carter has opted to go to the University of Washington, the Hoosiers still have plenty of other recruits to look forward to. The Hoosiers are considered to have one of the top 25 recruiting classes for the next two years and also one of the top three in the conference. The Hoosiers also had several freshman and sophomores last season that made a big impact on the team. While they have lost some talent, there should be enough depth to allow the team to make a run in the coming year.


Colts Continue to Fight for Playoffs

Heading into the 2016 NFL Season, one team in the league that was expected to take a major step forward were the Indianapolis Colts. While the Colts have been competitive all season long, a recent news article ( points out that their chances of making the playoffs have been hurt by a recent loss.


In 2015, the Colts ended up finishing with a record of 8 wins and 8 losses, which was good for second place in their division, but not good enough to make the playoffs. While the Colts missed the playoffs, there was plenty of reason for optimism heading into this year. For starters, the Colts would once again have star quarterback Andrew Luck. In 2015, he was limited to play in just 7 of the team’s 16 games. Furthermore, the team focused heavily on improving its defense to make them more competitive.


Thus far, the season has been full of ups and downs. The season took a major hit this past Sunday when the Colts lost to the visiting Houston Texans. Not only did the Colts fall to a game behind the Texans in the divisional rankings, but they have lost their edge in a potential tie-breaking scenario with the team. However, the Colts still have a chance to make the playoffs if they can win their next three games, each of which is winnable. Furthermore, quarterback Andrew Luck and receiver TY Hilton have shown continued development, which will make them a force if the team makes the playoffs.


Colts Prepare for Vikings

Before the start of the 2016 NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts looked like they could be the top team in the AFC South Division and even compete for a spot in the Super Bowl. Much of the excitement was due to the continued improvement and success of Andrew Luck and TY Hilton, two of the top young players in the league.


While there has been a lot of excitement about the Colts, they have not quite met the level of expectations some set. With three weeks left in the regular season, the Colts are one game behind the Houston Texans in the division. The Colts have also lost to the Texans twice, which means they will not be able to win the tie-breaker if it comes down to it.


Ultimately, the Colts will need to win their next three games to make the playoffs. They will start their playoff goal this week against the Minnesota Vikings. Recent pregame predictions ( believe that the game will be a good one and the Colts have a good chance of winning.


The Vikings are in a similar situation as the Colts in that they are a game away from making the playoffs. The Vikings are still fighting to win the division, but will likely have to make the playoffs as a wild card team. The Vikings and Colts have an interesting matchup in which the Colts strong offense will be up against the tough Minnesota defense, which has consistently shown the ability to stop top quarterbacks.


Pacers Continue to Try for Playoffs

Heading into the 2015-16 NBA season, the Indiana Pacers were considered by some to be a team that could compete for one of the top spots in the conference playoffs. However, through the first quarter of the season, the Pacers have not done as well as some would have expected (

After 27 games, the Pacers have 13 wins and 14 losses, which is good for ninth place in the Easter Conference. One of the primary reasons for the anticipation for the Pacers was due to the improved performance that the team had last year when they finished 7th in the conference. One of the biggest surprises in the NBA last year was the return of Paul George, who came back for his first full season following a very hard injury the year before.

This season, George is continuing to be a top player in the league and the team’s top scorer with a per game average of 22 points. What has been the most frustrating part for Pacer fans so far is the teams inconsistency and tendency to play down to the competition. In the past few weeks they beat the LA Clippers twice, who are one of the top teams in the league. However, after winning those games, the Clippers have lost several games to teams that likely wont make the playoffs. While they have not played very well over the past few weeks, there is a lot of time left and the Pacers will continue to work to make the postseason.

Why College Football Teams are Playing More Offensively

In the past two seasons, it has been noted that college football teams are scoring an average of 40 points per game. In 2016, eight rounds have already been completed with 19 teams averaging more than 40 points every game. Five games have yielded 80 points, which clearly shows that college football teams are attacking more. This trend has been led by the famous Big 12 conference, which emphasizes on up-tempo offenses, leaky sieve defenses, and high octane play.

The number of touchdowns experienced so far is impressive. This has increased excitement with more fans attending the games than previous years. Texas Tech for instance, has scored more than 80 points in three instances this season alone. With regard to this information, questions have been raised within the gaming community about bettor’s winning prospects. Home teams are currently averaging 48.6 points every game. This is something that bettors ought to take note of.

The In-Form Team

Washington Huskies is emerging as a force to reckon with in the league. The fifth-ranked team remains unbeaten, and has recorded impressive victories over Oregon and Stanford. The team is looking to land a desirable spot during the 2016 postseason. The team will host Oregon in the next few weeks. This game has already accumulated 55 points. The team’s quarterback, Jack Browning is listed at 8/1 to walk away with the Heisman Trophy. This means that fans shouldn’t be surprised if the team runs up its tally in a bid to help its star player beat Louisville’s Lamar Jackson to the trophy.


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Making the Most of Your NFL Betting Opportunities

Betting on sports, especially NFL football, is a new concept for many people. Until recently, you had to find a bookmaker or travel to Las Vegas to place a bet on a football game. Though we are all familiar with how office pools work and so forth, most of us having bought a square in a Super Bowl pool at least once in our lives, betting on specific games with a point spread is different, and it can take quite a bit of time for some of us to get used to it. This is why taking a minute to visit a professional sports betting website, like, is such a great idea for those of us who are new to sports betting.

What is the Line or the Spread Anyway?

If you are new to sports betting, you may have little or no idea what the ‘Vegas odds’ or ‘the spread’ actually means. Don’t worry, it’s really not very complicated. The odds makers in Las Vegas are kind of like the Wall Street brokers of the sports betting world. The fact is that you can bet on just about anything, and NFL football, especially the Super Bowl, is extremely popular for people to place bets on. But in the NFL there are some teams that are just way better than others. For instance, in 2016, the Dallas Cowboys have been the best team in the league. When they played the winless Cleveland Browns there was little question that the Cowboys would win (which they did). Obviously, if you were betting on that game, no one would be crazy enough to place a bet on the Browns, also known as ‘the underdog.’ This is why many followers of Super Bowl odds choose to bet the spread, to make the betting more interesting.

The Vegas odds or spread represents the likelihood of a specific outcome. When one team is clearly better than another, they are said to be the favored team, and the odds makers give the other team, the underdog, a certain number of points when you place a bet on them. In the above example, when the 6-1 Dallas Cowboys met the 0-8 Cleveland Browns, the line was Dallas -7. This means that, for someone to win a bet on Dallas, the Cowboys would have to win by more than seven points. This is known as covering the spread.

How Do Odds Makers Determine the Line?

The Vegas line is likely to change on an almost daily basis. This occurs for a variety of reasons. First of all, the home team generally gets the benefit of a home field advantage. In NFL football, the line also changes as news about which players will not be able to play emerges in the media. When a star player gets hurt, it can have a serious impact on that team’s ability to remain competitive. Weather forecasts can also have an impact on the odds. When a team from a southern state comes to a northern city in December or January, the cold and snow can give the home team a competitive advantage. When you start placing bets on NFL teams regularly, it is important to know which players are playing and which are out. That is why it is so important to visit a sports betting website, with lots of informational resources to help you place more winning bets.

One of the best sports betting sites is Not only will you find the kind of game analysis on necessary to place winning bets, but you can also find up to minute Vegas odds on NFL football and many other sports.

Tiger Woods Planning to make a Comeback in Competitive Golf Next Month

Tiger Woods officially declared on Wednesday that he is planning to make a competitive return to Golf on October starting with the Safeway Open in Napa, California, after taking a break of over a year. The 14-times winner said that he would participate in the Turkish Airlines Open competitions in November and the Tiger Woods Foundation-organized Hero World Challenge scheduled for December. However, his participation will depend on his continued progress and recuperation.

Tiger Woods, the most accomplished player of his generation and perhaps of all the time, has not engaged in any competitive golfing activities since the Wyndham Championship that took place towards the end of August 2015. He has been recuperating from several back injuries.

Woods’ statements

Woods said that he would continue to embrace the rehabilitation program up to the point where he can make plans comfortably. He is optimistic that he will recover and return to competitive golfing soon. During the break, Woods, who will turn 41 this December had a quality time with his kids (Sam and Charlie) and oversaw several projects such as golf-course design. The 2016-2017 PGA Tour’s season-opener will start from October 13-16 at Spa and Silverado in Napa.

Overwhelmed by injuries
Overwhelmed by injuries and significantly poor form, Tiger Woods has managed to compete in only 18 PGA Tour’s events. He has recorded only one top-10 position during the entire period with six missed cuts as well as three withdrawals. He decided to take a break to gain full recovery and work on his form before participating in competitive games.

The BMW Golf Championship Comes to Indiana

One of the biggest tournaments on the Professional Golfer’s Association tour will be arriving in Carmel, Indiana. The BMW Golf Championship will start on Sept. 8th and end on Sept. 11th. Many of the best golfers in the world will be participating in one of the most prestigious events in the sport of golf. As you might expect, there are many golf fans who will want to take this opportunity to see some of their favorite players up close. This means that the attendance for this event will be quite large. In fact, organizers are preparing for as many as 150,000 people to attend the event over the course of four days.

People who are planning on taking a trip to Carmel to watch the tournament need to be aware of the parking situation they will encounter when they arrive. Parking will be four miles away from Crooked Stick Golf Course. People who have tickets will then get on a shuttle that will take them directly to the golf course. Shuttles will be departing on a regular basis. There will be no charge for the shuttle or parking.

It is important to note that the parking will be at the airport that is located at 465 and the Sam Jones Expressway if there is rain. This is a much longer distance than the regular parking location at Towne Road and 146th Street that will be used for good weather. People should take a look at the website for the tournament before they start their trip.

Andy Wirth Takes Squaw Valley And Alpine Meadows Ski Resort To New Levels

Prominent ski resort Squaw Valley strongly believes that presenting
fun and recreational activities is essential to customer enjoyment and
satisfaction. Operated by seasoned businessman Andrew Wirth, the
company’s mission is to provide the best selection of packages in the
Lake Tahoe area. As one of the largest ski destinations in the United
States, Squaw Valley consistently outsmarts their competition by
catering to the distinguished needs of their customers.

Throughout the years, Squaw Valley is frequently recognized as the
leading provider of revolutionary ski related services in the country.
Moreover, the company’s uniqueness and popularity is greatly
attributed to the hosting of the 1960 Winter Olympics, which received
much attention from viewers around the world. Following the completion
of these renowned games, Squaw Valley was the home to many annual
summer events including Peaks and Paws, the Brews, Bluesdays, and Jazz
and Funk Fest. These enjoyment entertainment events succeed in
complementing the resort’s wide array of customized packages.

Wirth’s extensive portfolio of business experiences has greatly
contributed to the company’s rapid growth and expansion. Essentially,
his former managerial positions at Steamboat Ski and Resort
Corporation, Intrawest, and Mountain Village Partnership provided him
with the necessary knowledge to propel Squaw Valley. Moreover, as the
current President and Chief Executive Officer, he is frequently
presented with the opportunity to oversee the company’s wide array of
recreational services involving the Olympic Museum, sky jumping, ice
skating, mini snowmobiles, climbing wall, snowshoeing, dog sledding,
the Trilogy Spa, shopping, dining, Wanderlust Yoga Studio,
guides/tours, snow tubing, pool/hot tubs, aerial team rides, and cross
country skiing. Remarkably, he is skilled in customizing their
packages in order to appeal to a variety of customers from those who
are simply traveling with their family to expert skiers who hold
season passes. Most prominently, with thoughtful collaboration,
strategic planning, and continuous work, Andy Wirth and his executive team
at Squaw Valley share a profound commitment to presenting the best
selection of enjoyable offerings to a diverse group of visitors.

Squaw Valley is most known for their comprehensive collection
of offerings that strengthen the spirited ski culture and winter
energy in the Lake Tahoe area. With roughly thirty chairlifts and
3,600 acres of progressive terrain, beginner and expert skiers alike
will enjoy the adventurous slopes of the Sierra mountains. Undeniably,
Squaw Valley is one of the most coveted ski resorts in the nation.

Brian Mulligan: Promoting the Younger Generation


Brian Mulligan, the 55 year old CEO of Brooknol Advisors, LLC., based in Los Angelos, California, has quite the resume. His career that spans over 30 years, includes such offices as Chair and CEO of many media and entertainment powerhouses such as, Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television and Chairman of Fox Broadcasting. Recently added to his resume is Vice Chairman of Deutsche Bank,to name a few.

Mr. Mulligan, hailing from humble beginnings has escalated to a financial giant in the media and entertainment industry. Mr. Brian Mulligan you certainly have a full calender. WIth the many responsibilites that are associated with his many chairs and as Chief Executive Officer to a vast array of industry related companies and financial institutions, it’s a small wonder he finds the time to be the proverbial philanthropist.

What caught my attention and spurred my interest was the list of charitable organizations he was involved in. But, what’s more is I found that where he donated quite generously to these chariable organizations, he also seemed to find the time to become directly involed.

He is involved in charities like “A Better LA” that was responsible for raising over $90 Million dollars for schools in the Los Angelos area. He always was involved in organizations like St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital, City of Hope: a hospital dedicated to to the research, treatment and cure of several types of cancer, MCA Charities: that involve the treatment of brain cancer in children, The United Way, Land of Free Foundation: an organization that supports the men and women of he armed forces, YMCA and the USC Marshall School Dean Scholarship Fund: enabling those who have excelled but are still unable to afford the right school to enable them to excel in life. These are just a few of the charities that Mr. Mulligan has been actively involved He has given, not only money, but time and goods and services to these organizations.

What caught my eye the most, however, was how he had become so directly involved in some of this charity work. On top of his many other organizations and charities Mr. Mulligan donated something more valuable than money, he donated his time. He Coached youth tackle football and a travel basketball team. He also served as commissioner of the youth basketball league.

Where hard work and dedication can lead to a very successful career, charity work and looking out for those less fortunate, is not a skill that can be learned in a classroom, it a trait that one must be born with or taught throughout our life. The feeling of that humbleness and humility which remind us all that that our circumstances, no matter how blessed we are now, could change drastically, without warning. My hats off to you Mr. Mulligan, well done.