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Indiana Town Devastated by Rain

One of the most devastating disasters that can happen to a community is a massive flood. While other natural disasters can seem more significant, and can pose more of a risk to life, a flood can have by far the most damaging impact on a town. This past week, one town in Southern Indiana was pretty severely impacted by a big flood (

While many parts of the country were affected by flash flooding this May, one of the hardest hit was Salem, Indiana. Salem is the county seat of Washington County and is also located only about an hour away from Louisville, Kentucky. Following a devastating rain storm, which saw rainfalls of more than two inches per hour, local rivers saw record high crests and much of the rain water ended up spilling into the downtown area of the city.

While two inches of rain may not sound like a lot, the worst flood zones in the area saw flood waters reach over twenty feet. This required rescuers in the area to load onto local boats to try and pull people out of their homes and local businesses. Due to the significant rainfalls, and the risks that were presented, the city and state were forced to declare a State of Emergency in Salem. This means that all local businesses in the flood path were closed, along with local schools until the rainwater receded. While the rain waters were deep, the town was fortunate that nobody was seriously injured during the flood.