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Dangerous Roads In Parts Of Indiana

Roads in Indiana are hazardous to drivers as more snow continues to fall in areas of the state. There were a few snowstorms Friday that dropped several inches of snow as well as ice on roads already covered. Snow plows are working day and night to try to maintain the main roads for people who need to go to work and so that emergency vehicles can get through. INDOT trucks are often driving alongside each other in interstates and major highways to clear paths for drivers. Salt and sand are also being used to treat the roads. Other chemicals that are being used to treat the roads are only resulting in a surface that is wet, which will likely refreeze once the temperatures drop lower in the evening and at night.

As the ice begins to melt, road crews are trying to stay on top of plowing the snow and ice together to get the roads clear. Basketball games in the area are being delayed, flights are being delayed or canceled, and travelers are trying to decide whether they should try to get to work or stay home. Children are missing school because the roads are too hazardous for the buses. Numerous accidents have been reported, including a few semi-trucks that have collided with cars or that have run off the road. Police officers are urging drivers to be careful if they must travel.