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Alex Pall, the hard worker behind the band “Chainsmokers”

If you are a young adult or teenager, you surely wouldn’t forget listening to “closer” and “selfie” on repeat after they were released. Rings a bell right away? Well, the songs by Chainsmokers were so hit that almost every other person loved listening to them. You want to know the person behind the amazing generation and production of the song? It was Alex Pall, along with his partner Andrew Taggart. Let’s get to know what Alex Pall stated in the interview about his passion for music and how he hopped in.

Alex Pall’s hobby was DJing. He grew up doing it at different places in New York. While he was working on his career, he always used to be more inclined towards music. He was not only playing music as the side work, but he was truly passionate about it. Though for him it was scary to pursue something that was more fun than a job. But then a moment of realization made his life turn upside down, Alex was at an art gallery when he realized that music and dance were overwhelming him, not mere as a hobby but like a complete ignited passion. Alex wanted to give it a proper shot and so he went for it, his manager introduced him to Drew, he then quit his job, moved from Maine and started working over the first song. That was where the generation of the band Chainsmokers started.

Alex and drew got together every day, shared what they were working on, the relentless effort led them to what Chainsmokers is today. Alex and drew both shared the same kind of passion for music. Alex believes that people understand their music on a more profound level. For him, it’s a constant flight of self-discovery and knowing things better and better. Alex believes that by trying new things you stay in the loop and discover even greater things that you wouldn’t have even ever imagined of.

The Chainsmokers Dominating the EDM Industry In The Last Few Years

The music industry has been growing and evolving at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to the EDM industry. One of the DJ and music production duos that have become highly popular in the last few years is the Chainsmokers. They started their career around the year 2012 and in the next few years went on to dominate the electronic dance music industry. Starting from their first song named Selfie to their latest album Sick Boy; they have been able to win the hearts of music lovers from across the globe.

One of the articles on Chainsmokers that was featured on Forbes discussed the earnings of the Chainsmokers, who are listed as the second-highest earning DJs in the world currently. The earnings of the DJs have been sky-rocketing in the past few years, primarily due to the national and international tours they regularly do. Also, the royalty earnings from their produced music add to the overall revenue they generate. The Chainsmokers earned nearly 48.5 million dollars in 2018 and for many; this doesn’t come as a surprise.

However, it is clear from the very beginning that monetary gain has been secondary to the Chainsmokers, who have worked their way hard to bring their innovative music to the world. Their passion for music has been clear from the very beginning, and there are tons of examples one can take from what is known about them. Presently, they are signed with the WYNN nightlife and are in the last leg of their contracts in which they draw six-figure pay for every show. They have even won Grammy Award in the category of Best Dance Music for the single Don’t Let me Down. If you are one of those people who love to listen to the unique sound with melodious music, then the music of the Chainsmokers would appeal to you. The Chainsmokers consist of two individuals named Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, and in an interview, they said that they have started working on their next album already. It can be said without a doubt that The Chainsmokers have a lot in store for their huge fan following.