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The Talented Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes, is hands down the best Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet today. When I first heard about Cortes I thought to myself just another MJ wanna be. I saw some pictures of him and could see the resemblance, but I really wanted to see him perform to be convinced.

I finally came across a performance he did on a show from Peru and the interviewing asked him to sing acapella and I was blown away. It was incredible how much he sounded like the “King Of Pop”. That was it I knew at that moment that Sergio Cortes is the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator ever!

Anyone can look like someone else but to capture all their moves and characteristics is another story. Sergio does all these things like second natural and really makes you forget that you are watching an impersonator. Born and raised in Spain Cortes always loved Michael Jackson and as a young boy started to imitate the super stars moves every day.

With a huge fan base Sergio is branching out to new levels in his career. He can really deliver the whole Michael Jackson experience. His physical appearance in so like the real MJ that it is hard to tell in pictures who is the real Michael. More impressive is his moves and voice that make him the whole package.

He has very loyal followers that believe that Cortes has truly takes them back to seeing Michael Jackson. Cortes is passionate about giving the best performances. Sergio Cortes works for Destiny Projects. The firm concentrates on managing and building artists. This company assists him to enhance his impersonation of Michael Jackson and it has also furnished him with many events to show case his talent. Cortes’ shows attract countless attendants in significant world locations for example Brazil.

Sergio Cortes is a master when it comes to the walking, looking, and sounding like Michael Jackson. For Sergio it is not about being famous and gaining money he believes in the same things that Michael stood for like world peace and love for one another. Who he is stands out and people are noticing the purity behind the impersonator.

Every performance he does is special and Cortes puts everything he has into it. He has fans that travel far just to see another Michael Jackson show. Authentic to the core many fans are happy to experience the splendor of Sergio Cortes.

Analyzing ‘Daredevil’ Newest Cast Member, Jon Bernthal

The Punisher is probably one of the most under appreciated fan favored properties in the entire Marvel Universe. The character himself isn’t a super hero and he doesn’t have a super gun, or anything of the sort. No, The Punisher is a man who is focused on kicking butt and making sure that those who deserve pain get their share of it. So The Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal, will fit in perfectly in the gritty, sort of realistic world of ‘Daredevil’ that is headlined by Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onforio. But before we can analyze how Bernthal will fit, we should analyze what he brings to the table as The Punisher.

Jon Bernthal is most widely known for his work as Shane Walsh in the hit horror television show, ‘The Walking Dead’. In ‘The Walking Dead’ Shane is one of the primary character arcs that the audience pays attention to. He starts off as the best friend of lead character Rick Grimes before slowly descending into madness, putting everyone at risk, and forcing Rick to make a tough decision. Jim Dondero implied the work was nuanced as even when Shane was at his most dangerous, he still had us sort of sympathetic with his cause.

Looking past ‘The Wakling Dead’ we can see Bernthal’s work in ‘Fury’ as a continuance in his acting evolution. In ‘Fury’ Bernthal plays a tank platooned soldier who is so riddled with PTSD that he barely seems human at times. A wonderful and nuanced role in a gritty drama, the perfect lead up to ‘Daredevil’.