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Lawmakers in Indiana Discussing Possible Shift in Time Zone

Lawmakers in Indiana are hoping to move the state into the Central Time Zone. A vast majority of Indiana currently resides in the Eastern Time Zone with only 12 counties running on Central Time. Most of them are locate in the northwestern and southwestern portions of the state.

A resolution was passed on Tuesday by the Senate Homeland Security and Transportation committee to determine which time zone the counties of Indiana associate. While the resolution does not ensure a move to the Central Time Zone, it does open up the discussion and calls for an examination into the dilemma.

In reference to the resolution, Republican Senator Greg Walker mentioned that “some education” will be needed during the discussion. He also mentioned how people tend to have a “knee-jerk” reaction to activities happening in the Statehouse.

One of the main reasons in support of the shift in time zones references the impact that school children are experiencing. The three-hour time difference from California results in “excessive morning darkness” as children go to school. Geography is playing a large role in this resolution. There are even parts of Kentucky and Tennessee that are in the Central Time Zone.

To be sure, the whole state of Indiana ran under the Central Time Zone until 1965. The Interstate Commerce Commission decided to split the state into Easter and Central zones. Ever since, debates and discussions have been raised surrounding the topic.

The last time lawmakers met to discuss the issue in 2005, a decision was only made about observing Daylight Saving Time. Walker mentioned how hard that original discussion was and how reluctant members may be to discuss again. In total, five members of the committee agreed to have the resolution. The resolution now goes to the Senate floor to await a vote.