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Why Shared Office Spaces in the Big City?


Office space can be a drain on any new company or small business especially given the amount of rent and length of leasing required by most commercial real estate. Maybe you’re a tech company that doesn’t need a large office space or just want the opportunity to interact with like minded people. Regardless of the reason sharing office space may be the solution for you. One of the largest benefits of a shared office is reduction in capital cost. No long term leases and no investment in equipment or furniture. Sharing space can level the playing field for a business that needs prime real estate and just can’t afford it. Most shared spaces will also offer you the convenience of open co-working where you will have the unique opportunity to interact and network with other businesses and use or rent out meeting space.

Workville is just such a place. Located centally in Midtown West New Yok City and convenient to major transportation hubs. Workville offers luxury shared office space in NYC and is move in ready. Ideal for network start ups and small businesses they offer the unique opportunity to network in person either at your open desk or in the shared lounge and outdoor terraces, of which there are three.

Workville includes amenities such as fast internet, 24 hour access and daily cleaning. You can also take meetings and spread out in the cafe or lounge. For a company that maybe has a smaller footprint or is looking for a NYC presence Workville has what anyone looking for shared office space needs.