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White Shark Media – Taking Customer Service to New Levels

It is not uncommon for the customer-oriented firms to improve customer service by analyzing feedback of its clients. In fact, it is even rarer that a company, which is already known for its customer service, to overhaul the entire setup. This is precisely what White Shark Media has achieved by listening to its customers. As a result, the new customer-oriented service is even more user-friendly, effective, and responsive.


In a recent press release, the CMO and founder of White Shark Media, Andrew Lolk indicated that the company wants to be recognized as a benchmark for customer service in the industry. To build on its positive reputation, it recently undertook important initiatives to improve the customer service even further. As the first step, the company wanted to get in touch with every client who may have lost touch with the Adwords campaign. Irrespective of the campaign results, each client will be thoroughly explained the ins and outs of the Adwords platform.


In fact, the communication gap is dealt with by scheduling monthly status-call using the latest GoToMeeting software. Using the software, each client and SEM Strategist can easily review and discuss detailed reports. The software allows the client to visualize everything from a remote location ensuring better interaction. In addition, clients are also offered direct call extension of their SEM Strategist and the supervisor. These phone extensions are sure to improve customer service as anyone can directly call the expert instead of waiting for an email to arrive.


Another important step is the optimization of new and old campaign platforms. In the past, customers often complained that their old campaign was producing better results compared to the updates newer platform. To handle these queries, the client and the management are allowed to make a decision if it is better to continue producing great results with the old platform. Regarding the transition to newer platform, regular meetings will enable clients to decide if they want to take advantage of the latest technology and updates.


Behind the scenes, the management has reduced the number of SEM Strategists overseen by a supervisor. Now, every supervisor will manage anywhere from 3 to 5 Strategists ensuring that the supervisor is aware of the ongoing interaction between clients and supervisors. Besides, the company has also started offering free SEO advisory to its clients. It is notable that White Shark Media does not offer SEO services; however, the company has a dedicated team of SEO experts who work with each client to offer free feedback regarding their SEO projects running on third-party platforms. Recently, phone call tracking is also made available to clients that will complement other facilities such as conversion tracking, call tracking, and in some cases Google Analytics free of charge.