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You Can Tell A Great Deal About A Direct Selling Company By Their Social Media Presence

A direct selling business opportunity, The Traveling Vineyard pays Wine Guides a commission for taking orders for their wines. To promote the exclusive wines, Wine Guides hold in-home tasting parties, where they educate guests about the wines that they have bought for them to sample.

While The Traveling Vineyard has an exceptionally transparent website that explains the costs a Wine Guide incurs to join the program and ongoing expenses, viewing a direct selling company’s social media accounts often provide additional information. Companies that make is easy for their independent representatives to succeed often create helpful posts for their representatives and posts to show consumers the quality of their products.

The Traveling Vineyard’s YouTube channel show how much thought goes into the wines that they sell; Wine Director Francis Sanders visits up to 150 growers each year in the United States to taste their samples. With grape suppliers in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy and France, The Traveling Vineyard sells only the finest wines, winning international competitions each year while competing with brands that are more expensive.

Other videos show guests decidedly enjoy in-home tasting events, which are ideal for new Wine Guides who want to see an experienced Wine Guide in action. Video testimonials from Wine Guides on YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest prove that it is possible to earn a full-time income with The Traveling Vineyard.

On Pinterest, The Traveling Vineyard offers tips about cooking and baking with wine and wine art ideas. On Facebook, satisfied customers rave about the delicious wines.

The Traveling Vineyard and the company’s current Wine Guides are easily accessible on their social media accounts, which is the hallmark of a reputable direct selling program.