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Everyday Videos with Securus Technology

There doesn’t necessary have to be a special event, some days you just want to spend time talking with your loved ones, and while most of us don’t think of this as a hard thing to do, when you’re in a corrections facility, this a special thing to take part in. In the video, the family member is celebrating a birthday with his family as at the beginning of the video they are singing happy birthday, and later on in the video he gets to see a new puppy of the family. As well as talking to an individual family member, and getting to watch the family hang out and play with another. He also gets to talk with some of the children. While nothing can replace being there for these moments in person, Securus helps to make it possible to be part of these events.

With the Securus Video Visitation, the technology that is offered helps individuals to be able to connect with loved ones that are in correctional facilities, with user options that are both convenient and easy. The family member in the video gets to share the special event of a birthday with his family. Individuals can either pre-schedule an onsite visit or schedule a visit over video from their home. Visiting has been made easier through the video technology, as it cuts many timely task when it comes to seeing a loved one onsite, and also being able to chat from home may help the individual feel like they are at home with you, and the individual is better able to schedule the visit around their schedule and when they are available, rather than having to plan out their day around an onsite visit.

Not only does securus offer video services, but phones services, as well as email services and jail voicemail are offered. Some of the plans that are included in phone services that are these include advance connections, direct billing, traditional collect, and inmate debit. When it comes to using the email services, some perks to using it is that the have a simple user experience, access 24 hours in sending a message whenever they have internet connection and need no approval process for sending an email. To use the jail voicemail, there are just three steps that are simple to follow, this is to call the phone number, then specify the facility of which the loved one is located, then as prompted follow a set of instructions. And then once the voicemail has been left the individual will be told that they have a message.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.