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OneLogin: Optimizing Employee and User Data through SCIM

OneLogin has been known to support the adoption of an open identity and access management standards; to also provide free developer toolkits and guidance for implementing single sign-on, user provisioning, and more. This is what Envoy has been able to fully utilize to their advantage.

Envoy, a company based in San Francisco, develops software that lets visitors to an office sign in through the use of an iPad, rendering the old system of log books outdated; Envoy has been able to make many steps in the sign in process easier. They have customers among the fastest growing and tech-oriented companies adopting these technologies that provide adequate productivity and a secure framework.

Envoy just recently partnered with OneLogin to integrate the SCIM protocol (SCIM – System for Cross-domain Identity Management) into the OneLogin application. The feature has been made available to Envoy customers (Premium and Enterprise customers).

SCIM on Envoy allows customers to automatically provide fields like employee’s Names (first and last), electronic mails, office location, and others directly from the OneLogin application directory into Envoy.

With Envoy, the burden of the management of employees and application users can be significantly reduced. Customers can get the best from Envoy’s Visitor Registration by making employee records current, complete, and simple to manage. The process will ensure employees create invites for visitors and get notifications that alert them when a visitor arrives. The process signing in for visitors is much easier by not losing time searching for employees that don’t exist any longer in the company.

With the integration of Envoy with OneLogin, employee data can be instantly synced. So whenever any changes occur in the directory, it’s immediately sent to Envoy. The process saves a lot of time and provides a better office security ensuring only the current employees in the company are picked as a host whenever a visitor sign in.

The clarity of OneLogin’s documentation and timely partner support has made it easy for the integration of Envoy, which Wells Riley, Head of Product at Envoy attests to. If you’d like to learn more about OneLogin and Envoy and how they optimize user data, make sure to contact the team.