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Sear Auto Center Announces That They Will Remain Open in Kokomo

Kokomo’s Sears is set to relocate to a new location in Indiana. The Sears Auto Center was scheduled for closure in the spring. The manager of Sears Auto Center said that he had learned of the new developments last week. George Head stated that the auto shop would also retain its name. Head continued by saying that the auto center would move locations. However, it would remain within the limits of Kokomo City. Head could not confirm where the shop would relocate to and when it would happen. He could only say that the store would remain closed for a week during the process.


Corporate officials had announced on Wednesday that the Sears would close 26 stores. The store at Markland Mall was also scheduled for closure. It was among the first Sears stores to be opened in 1968. Head stated that the enterprise had grown over the past decade. He said that he had already recruited two individuals and was planning on adding two more.


Head was optimistic about the relocation of the business. He stated that if it were up to him, the business would have closed for a day and reopened the following day. However, he said that the duration of closure would depend on the building that they would relocate into and how adequate it was for their operations.


Head stated that the main reason that the business was able to stay open was that they generate money. He also appreciated the community for helping them to remain productive. Head thanked his team and the the investors for their efforts. He also expressed his pleasure because they were going to stay in Kokomo. Head concluded by saying that the store would remain open at Markland Mall until the relocation date was announced.